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How to succeed in fitness without really trying


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The last time I did a quest they were still six weeks... it was two and a half weeks ago. So I'm going to do it again, but I'm going to stick with rebel class because even though technically I qualify as another guild... it still feels like it's a lie.

Helping is the fact that summer vacation starts tomorrow (yasssss) and I'll be free. I've done pretty good this week so far, but either way, let's get to it.


My goals:


1. Do body weight workouts three times a week

For this to be successful, I will do body weight workouts three times a week. That means I may go to krav maga first - or I may not. I want to try to do those on the same days to give my body time to recover - and if I'm not doing anything for most of the week, that should feel great. So this should be doable. I'd also like to say that if I switch it up and try a gym workout, that would be an acceptable substitution.


2. Eat properly.

By properly, I mean for me. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years (I love vegetables!) but as a result I need way more vitamin B-12 (my doctor called and told me I was dangerously low...) so I want to stick with it. Three eggs a day. Yogurt. Whey protein. I can figure out more from there, but that's the main goal. Also, drink less alcohol than usual, but that's going to go out the window consider the next five days.


3. Ask a stranger/friend for a piggy back ride.

They don't have to say yes. But I'd like an opportunity to at least say yes - and if it works, how awesome would that be?


4. Practice

I entered a flash fiction challenge that starts in July. I haven't written for a while - so I will likely need to work on it. Write four short stories by the 6th of July.



This should be fairly doable, as I'm really only concentrating on three things. That said, there will be some challenges - this is the last week of school, for one, and tomorrow we have a party with free food/booze - this will likely not help. Even today I went into the break room and found nothing but cookies waiting for me. And then this weekend I'm heading up to Whistler to run the Tough Mudder, with a friend who likes to drink - so I'm hoping that it will be okay and that she won't want to go too crazy because she's going to Spain in July. Being in Whistler will also not help with the writing goal. But that's okay. I'm on vacation until the 6th. Things won't be too bad.


Hopefully this wasn't incoherent.

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Tuesday, 14 June


1. I did the bodyweight workout on Monday (score!). Today I did some yoga to recover.


2. I had three eggs and I had some yogurt. I haven't eaten dinner, so I figure that's where I'll get my protein. B12!


3. Figuring out some random ideas. Random genre: Romance (ick) Random location: A recording studio Random object: Sprinkler. Not totally sure where I'll get started - it would be easy to do something with a singer, but that's fairly obvious. Maybe horrible people rent out a recording studio for a date? I don't know, romance isn't my jam. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Jane the Virgin, but I don't watch romance movies and I don't read romance novels. I don't count Jane Austen because she was more satirical than anything else... I need to see other ways people write romance. I don't like this at all. It's okay. Time to put on my thinking hat.

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If I can make a suggestion:  Pretend it's your date.  Imagine walking up to someone you would like to spend some time with and asking that person out on a date.  Maybe you didn't mean to go to the recording studio, maybe your date works there and s/he needs you to pick them up for your date.  Is it a yard sprinkler or a fire sprinkler?  Maybe that's the thing that throws the obstacle in your way.  Pretend you're telling your best friend about that date you went on where some idiot celebrity lit up a cigar in the recording booth and set the fire alarm off, ruining your date's clothes/hair/makeup/leather pants, and instead of a fancy dinner and the ballet, you had pizza and beer on their front porch and cheered the kids' pickup soccer match in the street.  Throw in a steamy goodnight kiss.

Or, you know, mix and match it up anyway you want to.  But have fun with it.  You're a nerd, so nerd it up some.  Nerd stories are always more fun to read than non-nerd stories.


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I like that idea - I was thinking more of a fire sprinkler than a yard sprinkler (but I could use either - in reading previous stories, the object has sometimes shown up for one line, so...). I think one thought I had was somebody choosing to light a fire in the studio to set off the sprinklers (either to get out of a recording session or to stop somebody recording).

Eventually, the basic plot I chose was this - two people are speaking, a singer and his manager, and she wants him to write a love song based on a Jane Austen book (Sense and Sensibility). He doesn't want to do that because he doesn't believe in love songs, she wants him to do it to make money, and they argue back and forth (as a person who doesn't read/watch much romance, I believe that that happens a lot, the arguing). She leaves, and it's revealed that an assistant technician has been watching them the entire time, unnoticed. The singer and the tech start talking; the singer reveals that he really only plays comfortable playing the pan flute and all the music he writes is about his (now deceased) sister who would have hated Jane Austen because she made fun of power and once set off the sprinklers at her high school; the tech counters that the sister sounds a lot like Jane Austen, who also made fun of power and so on and so forth - and then offers to set off the sprinklers (thus destroying all of the equipment) to get the singer out of it. The singer decides to sing a song about Jane Austen, but will rewrite it, and then he and the tech kiss, the end.


I'm not super into it - I'm about 200 words over the goal of 1,000 words. I'll work on it, but romance is hard (for me). But I like your ideas too! I wish I had seen those before I started writing. (Much gnashing of teeth). I should edit it down, but I'm not sure that I want to, so I may not.


In nutrition news I've been good about following orders for more B12 - but yesterday was also our end-of-year party and so I also ate a lot of other food - and I came home with a lot of jackfruit, which I'm actually pretty excited about, because I love it. I also did not get a workout in because it wasn't a priority yesterday - so I'm hoping to get one in today in addition to going to krav maga. But I have to pack for tomorrow (Whistler!)  as well, which won't take too long. I'm lucky that the hotel has a kitchen because I can at least cook my own meals when I'm up there (that said, there's a good chance that brunch will be on the menu at least one day... so hopefully I do okay. I think since my goal is to eat the required amount of B12 instead of cutting things from my diet, I'll be okay... and next month I'll have some time to further work on the food that I shove into my mouth.

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I am super sore today (because I did the bodyweight workout right before leaving for krav maga, and the substitute instructor got a little bit too excited - walking up the wall to do pushups, only to walk back down? Insanity.) but also pretty satiated - my roommate got me into costco to help get some whey protein, so there's that taken care of. I'm going to try to do some quick yoga today, but I'm leaving here very soon (as in about two hours) so I may not have time until after I'm in Canada.


Story to work on over the weekend - Suspense. Cruise Ship. Ice Cubes. I know very little about suspense - but research shows that it's a lot of short lines broken up with lots of space... I'm definitely interested in something with cruise ship disappearances, which have always freaked me out... but I don't know. I've never been on a cruise before. We'll see how this works out, I guess. I'm hoping for the best. I'm going to spend some time thinking about it. The only real frame of reference I have is Charade which is hilarious, and there's a lot of suspense related to stamps - which matters more to the characters than to the audience, so maybe something like that? We'll see how it goes.

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I've got some work done on my story. I'm happy with it - suspense was way more fun to write than romance.


Being back home after vacation has been quite easy to get back into the swing of things. One thing I need to work on in the future - bedtime. Wah wah.


Have done well getting my necessary vitamin B12. Today I did both a bodyweight workout and I went to krav maga. I'm sore now. I'll be even more sore tomorrow.


One thing - squat form. I've seen a lot about that. Anybody know how to tell if I'm doing squats improperly?

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The new story - horror, paper mill, gold coin. I'm glad I'm working with difficult genres now, as these are genres that I am not an expert in. Horror? I don't even watch horror. This will be difficult. I have been working on it for a day and have made zero progress. I'm thinking fear and I think that the things that keep me awake are money issues and the future and the insanity that is prevalent in the country... I'm also thinking that the thing that terrifies me the most about myself is jealousy. I may go with that.


Have been doing well on diet, though last night was difficult as it was game night. I made really good vegan pate - even the people who make fun of vegans said it was really good, but I should have brought cucumbers instead of crackers (I have crackers at home that I want to get rid of, I did not think to buy cucumbers). Oh well. I'll likely make this again because it was easy, and then I'll be smarter about what to put on it.


B12 has been working well. I took a 45 minute walk to a meeting yesterday (and brought my dog because why not), but got a ride home (my dog is 9 years old and a chihuahua and more willing to walk than I am). I did yoga the day before. I need to do a workout today (I'm not sure which one). Tomorrow is Pride (holler!) and I will be there at 7 AM to help set up, and then I will be hanging out with friends the rest of the day. Lots of walking will get done, but not a lot of anything else. Then it will be time to begin Monday.

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4 hours ago, kylesolo said:

Have been doing well on diet, though last night was difficult as it was game night. I made really good vegan pate - even the people who make fun of vegans said it was really good, but I should have brought cucumbers instead of crackers (I have crackers at home that I want to get rid of, I did not think to buy cucumbers). Oh well. I'll likely make this again because it was easy, and then I'll be smarter about what to put on it.


I find social occasions challenging, too. Sounds like you're setting yourself up for success next time though.

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Finished my horror story... it wasn't great, but it was something.


Met with my dietician - she said I should be working on exercising about 4-5 times a week (obviously not just body exercises though) - I've got two sessions down for this week. I would have done it today but I ended up going on a last minute hike and while I feel fine, I also feel exhausted and I don't know how well I'll do jumping around because of some serious chafing issues (boo!)


Tonight I'm going to make avocado curry, so I'm looking forward to that... the downside is that I forgot quinoa and walking to the store is going to be a bitch... but I'll do my best to manage. I may also look up recipes for another breakfasty meal tomorrow. I know the 4th is going to be nuts (as will this weekend, what with my family being in town) so I'm going to try to get as much done as possible before they arrive - not super worried though. I'm also focusing on getting ready.


Some things I've seen/observed in myself - I need to start working on telling people when I'm upset - I've found sharing how I'm feeling works okay... I've been able to open up with one of my coworkers - yesterday we were talking and I asked about her hike and then actually asked if I could go (fun day!) - and I did open up to somebody about how I felt left out when I was around that group, like I didn't belong... but I try not to be super negative about it... This is a big fear of mine, opening up to people - it's not something we did growing up and it still feels... icky? That's not right, but it just doesn't feel right - I've been told that I can't talk about my problems because they're not real problems my entire life, but I want to at least let people know how I feel. I don't know. It's tough.


In better news, I won our Game of Thrones fantasy league by 1 point (holla to Lady Olenna!) and get to choose a place for dinner (again, if it actually happens - this is the group who hangs out and does fun stuff all the time without me so I wouldn't actually be surprised if nothing happens (that right there is me being passive aggressive again which is something that I need to work on) but I'm looking at vegetarian restaurants in the area just in case).


I rolled for the last story that I need to write - Mystery/Pizzeria/Jalapeno. I'm okay. I like mysteries. I've written mysteries before. The big challenge I worry about is, of course, the length - this has been tricky the entire time. I've done alright, but editing is tricky. Second - what kind of mystery. Murder mystery is easy - but way too obvious. So, I feel, is thievery. I'm wondering about disappearing pizza chefs? Something out of Sweeney Todd? This will take some thinking. Luckily I have to walk to the store because I forgot quinoa.

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On 2.7.2016 at 5:11 AM, kylesolo said:

Tonight I'm going to make avocado curry,


I need to start working on telling people when I'm upset - I've found sharing how I'm feeling works okay... I


I rolled for the last story that I need to write - Mystery/Pizzeria/Jalapeno. I

I have some avocados and am wondering how you make avocado curry?


Opening up always leaves you vulnerable, but it also gives the other person a chance to realize what they are doing. By chance I read this earlier today and your post made me think of it.


This made me think of Grue and the Minions though that is a Spanish place. Smile.

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On 7/4/2016 at 1:59 AM, Kucki68 said:

I have some avocados and am wondering how you make avocado curry?




It's a recipe I found after a Thai place I liked closed (or moved? It may have actually just moved across the water into Seattle). For the curry you take one avocado (I use one and a half), the juice of 1 lime, 3 tbs of green curry paste, 1 can of coconut milk, and 3 tbs of liquid amino acids (I use soy sauce, but if you don't want soy there are other options). You blend that, add it to a wok (or pan) until it comes to a boil, then add your proteins (as well as an additional avocado that you slice up). I'm a vegetarian so I use tofu, but I'm sure it would work well with some sort of meat. You can use whatever other vegetables you like - I've been doing asparagus, onion, zucchini, green pepper, spinach, and mushrooms, but about 2-3 cups of whatever you like should work - coat them in the curry, cover it, reduce the heat to a simmer, and wait about 10-15 minutes, and you're done. Super easy and also really delicious.

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Keeping up to date - this week was somewhat difficult due to summer school starting - lots of drama, but no matter.


I've managed to get my workouts done (btw my wrists hurt when I try to do bar hangs... do I just tough it up or am I going to feeble myself for life? I injured my wrist in college from bowling?) - I won't get three in this week (aka by Saturday) but I think I'll do another one for Sunday - though again, I'm worried about my wrist and I'm not sure what to do.


Food has been going well - though on Thursday Germany lost to France in the UEFA, so... lots of sleeping.


I've got an idea for the last story I need to write - the mystery one - but it's been tricky to get it together. I finally had to put it away. I don't know if I'll look back on it or not. Feel like a failure in that regard.

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Just as a several-days late wrap up:


I've achieved everything (basically). Workouts I've been good at dragging myself to at least three times a week, food has been good (not great, but good), I did the piggyback thing (it was kind of a stupid goal, though, so...), and I mostly did the writing part - I had difficulty with the last story, but that had more to do with other circumstances (namely family being in town and taking away free time but really my dog dying and me not wanting to do anything and so laying in bed).


Goals for next time - Sleeping/Bedtime, Being more open. Basic stuff. Good stuff to work on, though.

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