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chris de maas picks up her sword again

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Oh man, I don't even know where to start.


My name is Chris (the girl kind) and I used to be an Assassin what feels like a million years ago (2013); well, an Assassin who's always loved to lift weights.


Life and countless (5) international moves have happened since then, and I stopped coming to NF. My working out has also been quite spotty in the past few years, there's been some really good stretches along with some appalling ones. Between a weightlifting-related injury, 2 crowdfunding campaigns mid 2014 to early 2015, a roller-derby related concussion that I'm still dealing with a year and some later, and now a brand new baby (she is turning 4 months old today!) who doesn't nap during the day unless we're walking; things have been a bit hectic!


I miss it though, lifting is the one thing that allows my brain to stop churning. I've really been wanting to get back to it, but by the end of the day, I'm knackered and it's only too easy to skip it. I want to be done skipping it. I want to pick up and put back down heavy stuff. I want to feel strong and happy with myself again. I want for my brain to enjoy a few moments of peace from the constant whizzing and buzzing. I want to allow myself some personal time. I want to show my tiny Whirlwind that women can be strong and do really cool stuff. I want to feel confident again.


So here goes, I'm starting a new challenge and I hope the accountability will help. I don't have the time to follow anyone, sadly. It's rare that I have any time on the computer at all these days, so I'm not even sure I'll be able to keep up my own thread. We'll see. But here are my goals:


Strength - Strength Training an average of 2x a week (8 total)

My ultimate plan is to get back to 4x a week but let's work up to that. We will be going to Sweden for a week though during the challenge, so I have to account for that.


Dexterity - Stretch at least 3x a week (12 total)

I carry and play around Tiny Whirlwind a lot, and let's not even talk about the Dancing Boobings (times when I breastfeed her while standing and rocking because that's what she's into these days). My muscles are so tight I have tension headaches, I need to loosen up.

Constitution - Keep walking

I already go out for long walks (anywhere from1 to 2 hours) at least once a day, so I think that's enough for now.

Intelligence - Speak Danish 1x a day

I live in Denmark, but I'm not Danish. I went to Danish language school for months and months and was about to take my final test but then I banged my head during roller derby practice in March last year. Since then, I've pretty much stopped speaking it. At first, it was because it caused horrible headaches, now, it's because it's rusty and I'm super shy about it. I need to get back to it. I'm part of a Danish mothers' group, and I have a (very patient) Danish husband, so I want to have at least a short conversation every day. It doesn't have to be more than a couple of minutes.

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Welcome back!!!  My what changes you've had!!  But keep at it and try to make the "good" stretches longer and the "bad" stretches fade to nothing.  

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"We are better than we know, if we can be made to see it, [then] for the rest of our lives, we'll be unwilling to settle for less."  - Kurt Hahn

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