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Sweltering Swoleful Summer of Swolestice: Get in touch with your inner swole

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Well, I did it. As expected, it was #powertybench and #powertysquat, but seeing as how I only recently got the equipment set up for those two lifts, I can't really be too disappointed.


Gender: M

BW: 91.6977 kg


Squat1: 115.6425 kg

Squat2: 120.1775 kg Fail

Squat3: 120.1775 kg Fail


Bench1: 74.8275 kg

Bench2: 83.8975 kg

Bench3: 92.9675 kg Fail


Deadlift1: 165.5275 kg

Deadlift2: 174.5975 kg

Deadlift3: 183.6675 kg Fail


Got a little caught up and wanted that BW bench and 2x BW DL, but still, no ragrats!

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Well that did not go as planned. When I saw the February competition back in March, right after I had PR'd my snatch by 15#, I got excited. Welp, this one was 35# lower than that. C&J was 20# off the PR I set 16 months ago as well. Pretty disappointing overall, but I suppose they can't all be good days.

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Ended up feeling really good on my squats yesterday, so I went for it. 405 flew. 445 was slowing, but form was spot on. 475 was a grind, but I got it, solid form. Maybe had 5-10 more in me, probably just 5. I found warming up with just spot on form singles really helped when I got to the actual lifts. I did 135x5, 185x1, 225x1, 275x1, 315x1, 365x1 leafing up to my first attempt.


Bench didn't go as well. I think I didn't have enough rest after my 315 second attempt and failed 330 at the sticking point. Part of the issue was my back cramping hard when I was struggling through, but not sure I'd have had it anyway. It happens every time I get near maximal, I need to figure out how to warm that area up better or something.


Deadlifts will be tomorrow for me.

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On ‎7‎/‎5‎/‎2016 at 9:43 AM, Gainsdalf the Whey said:

Is that all we're getting for the Oly competition this time?


Whaddaya know, I'm still alive!  I did some lifts last weekend - 77/80/83x and 94/97/100x at 83 bodyweight.  So so numbers for me - neither horrible nor great.  I don't have access to the spreadsheet though - can someone punch me in?



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Alright so, did openers today, this is the plan as of now, but will obviously change on the day depending on how things go. I include contingencies to satisfy my OCD tendencies.


Squat: 130, 140, 150 if I feel like today, which hopefully I won't because I'm very tired. My preferred plan: 135, 145, 155. We'll see.

Bench: 55, 60, 62.5. Don't think that'll change on the day, my bench is what it is, which isn't very much!

Deadlift: 140, 150, 160. Or if things go really well: 140, 152.5, 165??? Maybe. I know I can get 160, I don't know if I can get 165.


Excited for this competition, feeling a lot more prepared and positive.

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BW 95.5 (I think, need to confirm when scoresheet is published, but it's either this or very close either direction.)


Squat 130, 140, 150 - felt easy, should have gone heavier, but never mind!

Bench 55, 60, 65x - could maybe have gotten 62.5 but yolo.

Deadlift 140, 150x (hitch, much annoy), 150. Was not feeling these today, very hot.


Overall, very pleased - and finally cracked 300 Wilks.

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Sorry for the delay everyone! The only change on the powerlifting side is that NatetheStrong took the men's bench title from wildross. However, both he and SpecialSundae significantly improved many of their lifts. Congrats to both of them!


After a nice showing in weightlifting, we only had 3 competitors this time around, neither of the defending champs participating. The women's spot is now vacant as we unfortunately had no female competitors. For the men, the competition was close! msuroo edged out Why not? for the overall title by just 0.1 Sinclair points!


NF Powerlifting Champions [wilks]:

  • NF Women's Power Lifting Champion- SpecialSundae [380.96]
  • NF Women's Squat Champion- SpecialSundae [146.94]
  • NF Women's Bench Press Champion- SpecialSundae [81.63]
  • NF Women's Deadlift Champion- SpecialSundae [152.38] 
  • NF Men's Power Lifting Champion- NatetheStrong [400.33]
  • NF Men's Squat Champion- NatetheStrong [142.78]
  • NF Men's Bench Press Champion- NatetheStrong [94.74]
  • NF Men's Deadlift Champion- NatetheStrong [162.80]


Great job to everyone who competed. Next time things should be a bit more smooth here, and I'll get the results finalized more promptly.


NF Weightlifting Champions [Sinclair]:

  • NF Women's Weightlifting Champion-
  • NF Women's Snatch Champion-
  • NF Women's Clean & Jerk Champion-
  • NF Men's Weightlifting Champion- msuroo [214.1]
  • NF Men's Snatch Champion- msuroo [96.76]
  • NF Men's Clean & Jerk Champion- Why not? [123.49]
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