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Beerzerker Bewilders the Bandersnatch

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As a technomage, Beerzerker himself rarely understood on the planets he visits. His armor appears to be smoother than steel and generates its own light in the conditions. Able to summon illumination, even fire at times, and the ability to boost his strength has granted him legendary status in some worlds. He has battled ruffians before, and they made the mistake of assuming his clear faceplate was a point of weakness. The easy distraction proved their undoing.


Beerzerker faces some new challenges. He has heard rumor of the Bandersnatch. An evil creature no one has been able to fully describe to him. Everyone he encounters has given different descriptions. In fact, it doesn't even seem like one creature at all. Maybe the Bandersnatch possesses some of the lost tech the leader of the technomages told him about. There was a mirage pack that disappeared from the mothership eons ago. No one has been able to replicate its abilities, because its maker worked on her own and didn't create plans for her devices. She believed part of creation was experimentation, and you don't get that following a diagram.


The mirage pack gives its wearer the ability to create a fully interactive mirage surrounding themselves. 3-dimonsional, solid, and powered by the pack so it doesn't drain your armor. Since it's not fully an illusion, the mirage functions as a bulky set of armor protecting the wearer. It sounds like whoever has this pack has used it while wearing the guise of a rancor, a Balrog, and something Beerzerker doesn't recognize from the tales.


But Beerzerker recognizes a weakness. In order to fully use the mirage pack, a warrior must possess strength in three areas:

1. Their work must bring them joy and allow for improvement of those around them.

2. The user must pursue improvement of their own body.

3. They must work to improve their relationships with others.


In order to be worthy of facing and conquering this Bandersnatch, Beerzerker commits to the following:

1. Searching for and discovering a new job which allows more personal interaction and makes better use of my skills as a writer and ability to build rapport quickly.

2. Exercise at least 5 days per week. This includes Tae Kwon Do lessons on Monday and Wednesday, and can include mountain biking or other activities. But on the days there is no class, I will practice my forms to work toward the next test.

3. I will support my wife and kids as they pursue their interests, offering encouragement and help as I am able. I will also make an effort to do something special for each of them at least once per week.


Recognizing work needs to be done, Beerzerker enters his meditation pose to allow the power cells in his armor to charge from the sunlight and from his own body. This is the thing his encouragers don't understand. While his armor can do amazing things, it must be powered by energy from within or around Beerzerker. The power from the sun allows short bursts of strength, even flight, but anything that lasts must be drawn from within his own body and mind.

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