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Wet Weather Fremen part 4 - Nathair Uisce prepares for battle!


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A bit late to this party due to needing some extra recovery time for an injury. Feeling grand now though :)


Last time I might have bitten off a little more than I could chew so I'll be carrying some of the goals forwards to continue exploring them. Other things were ideas and experiments that perhaps didn't go as planned.

A truncated version of my last goals and how I did:

Kobudo - not too bad... though not as good as I'd like. 

HEMA - Got the longsword syllabus done.

Katana - not good. Only did a couple of practice sessions.

Spear - Pretty good. 

Conditioning - Did a few sessions but not as many as I should have.... Definitely a good workout for my next 4WC.


I have a few things going on this next month...


I've got a HEMA seminar / tournament coming up in a couple of weeks. Gotta train for this. Prepare for Battle!


I have been failing to properly implement frequent moderate exercise so have decided to make a small, simple commitment to go for a 20 minute walk/jog/run each day time I am sitting about at my friend's house while my wife is working (PA for said friend). I can even take my friend's dog for a run about while I'm at it :)

My cardiovascular system and blood pressure will thank me.



Martial Arts Training:

HEMA: Twice  a week, sparring at least once a week.

Karate / Kobudo: practice my karate katas twice a week and my kobudo katas once a week.


My usual training isn't making me a better fighter... ;)




20 minutes of walk/jog/run fartlek exercise each day I'm waiting about for my wife at work (three days a week - typically Monday, Tuesday and Friday)




Workouts... for the sake of workouts:

Once a week - bodyweight (and maybe kettlebell) workout including a conditioning section, HEMA-Style like last 4WC. 





For the last couple of weeks I've been hobbling about with either a damaged achilles tendon or a pulled lumbar muscle...  need to take it easy and not damage myself again for a while (especially not before the tournament - I want to represent my club without limping too much...). I'm sick of lurching about like Igor...




Compete in the Longsword Tornament at  Féile na Gaiscígh. 

Not a training goal so much as a milestone / club outing. (Mustn't drink too much on the Saturday night ... ;) )

Want to do better than last time when I was knocked out in my first fight.




Here's me and my Epic Quest: https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/61826




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Been somewhat remiss in posting updates since my OP. Apologies - been surprisingly busy.


martial arts:

HEMA - all good. plenty of practice and sparring.

Karate/kobudo: Less karate practice done than I'd like. and no kobudo at all - been so focused on the HEMA. :-(



Did the frequency as intended but had to keep the intensity down to mostly walking as my Achilles tendon is still tender and i REALLY don't want to aggravate the old injury (again). 



Hmm. not so good - again I'm worried about my Achilles so have been taking it easier than intended but I've made my HEMA warm ups / sparring a bit more intense to try to compensate. Still... not good.



This has ended up being one of my two main focuses this 4WC, along with HEMA. Keeping the joint mobile and stretching the calf muscles. I think I'm at the age where injury prevention is becoming more and more a priority as it takes longer to bounce back these days.



Wow. What an event! Took part and fought with enthusiasm and aplomb. Won some, lost some. Didn't make the quarter finals but I don't mind as the quality of the fencing was excellent and there's no shame losing to a superior opponent. 

Also, I sparred with, or met in tourney, all three medalists. I didn't beat them by any stretch but did OK and learned a lot from them (especially as one of them also taught workshops at the event).

Also learned a lot form the workshops - longsword (bio-mechanics of the zwerchhau), messer (basics of Leckuchner), sidesword & dagger (basics of Marozzo and another master who's name I can't remember).


If anyone's interested, here are videos of the longsword tournament final bouts for the medals:

Silver and Gold.


There's a few days left in this 4WC and I'm still keeping it going. more "cardio" in a few mins (i.e. walking - Achilles still a bit weak). Karate tomorrow. HEMA Thursday. etc...






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Here's me and my Epic Quest: https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/61826




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It's okay, man. I didn't end up coming around as often as I would have wanted either. But! It sounds like things kept up for you here. And it's cool that you got involved in a tournament - those are things that galvanize training in ways that you just can't appreciate without having been in there.


And hey, going easy is worlds better than injuring and re-injuring yourself. You get a training effect from the training you can do, right?

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