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Men's shorts rock!

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Why, oh why does the fitness industry assume all women are working out to be ogled?


I went looking for new workout shorts a week ago. I'm a woman, and while I don't mind leggings, they're kind of warm for summer. So I wanted shorts. But I don't like feeling as though I'm showing the world my butt, plus short shorts ride up a LOT. So I need mid-thigh length or longer.


I browsed the womens section and couldn't find anything I wanted. It was all capri length leggings with no pockets, or shorts that just barely covered my butt.


I tried the men's' section. Bonanza! Practically all of the shorts there were what I was looking for. The fell past mid-thigh, had pockets, and were light weight. I bought 2 pairs of great shorts for the price of one pair of leggings. It will be a long time before I hit up the women's workout pants again.


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I worked out for years in guys shorts. They didn't fit so well when I put on some weight (it all went to my hips), but today my bf's old soccer shorts are still my favorite back-up gym shorts! Yaaaay for not feeling hoochy while bending over to dead lift!

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I find that running shorts for women usually aren't terrible length wise.

I have a few pairs of these and find them ok: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=207372082

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My problem is that I really want something like this but with a slightly longer inseam. Even 8" seams short. Maybe I just have long thighs. If I take a piece of paper, which is 8.5" on the one side, it still only goes half-way down my thigh. Anyone every seen something that goes closer to the knee? 



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