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Hill Country Strongman Classic Write-Up

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For anyone who is interested this is a recap of my 4th Strongman competition, the Hill Country Strongman Classic held June 25th in Austin, TX. The weights listed are for the open heavyweight women's division (160+ pounds). There were 5 women in my category, and I ended up placing 4th overall. The competition was very close for 4 of us, but the lady who took 1st in every single event was far and away the strongest athlete out of all of us. She was also taller and heavier, but strong is strong. These photos are terrible quality I know sorry. Most of them are video screen shots.


First Event Keg Toss - Throw eight kegs 11 feet in 60 seconds or less. Six kegs weighed 25#, the last 2 kegs weighed 30#.

In practice I only had a 20 and a 30. The 20# always went over no problem, I can throw that up to 13 feet. The 30# never went higher than about 9-10 feet, so I was unsure what would happen with 25#. I was able to get one keg over, and every keg after that kept hitting the bar! I was very frustrated because I was throwing them high enough, I just had a bad angle or bad positioning, and they would topple away from the bar instead of over it after hitting it. (The bar was loose and could swing, it was not bolted in place.) I placed 3rd in this event because two other women zeroed.




Second Event Log Press - 3 attempts, highest 1RM wins

This was my best event. I opened with 110, 130, and then 140. I got second place in this one. The woman who won the event was capable of pressing 180, but she only had to hit 150 to win so that's all she did.




Third Event Truck Pull - 50ft truck pull with harness, push truck back 50ft, grab rope out of truck bed and run back to starting point, standing hand-over-hand pull 50ft (90 second cap)

This was a lot to do in 90 seconds. The truck was an F-350 so it really wasn't that heavy. Most people got somewhere around halfway through the 3rd leg (rope pull) when time ran out. The lady who won actually pulled the truck across the finish line a second before time was called. I placed 4th in this event.


Fourth Event Deadlift from 18" - 375# max reps in 60 seconds, straps allowed

I have only pulled as high as 335# in practice, so I knew this would be tough. We were not given any warm-up practice either, which also made it extra difficult. I was able to get it off the ground and about halfway up my thigh and then I stalled out. I was disappointed, but I knew this would be the toughest event for me. Another woman zeroed this event so we tied for last place. The lady who won pulled 8 reps to win, but she easily had more in the tank. She was a beast! Here is a picture of me pulling my little heart out. Almost!




Fifth Event Atlas Stone Ladder - 115# to 58", 145# to 54", 175" to 50", 215# to 46" (60 second cap)

I knew I could hit the first 3 no problem, but 215# would be tough. What I didn't count on is that I would actually run out of time just as I was setting up for the 4th stone, so I didn't even have a chance to try and pick it up. I placed 3rd in this event, 2 women got all 4 stones, and the other 2 women could only get the first 2.


The competition overall ended up being very close, 3rd place was only one point ahead of me, and 2nd place was only one point ahead of her! On the one hand this made me angry, because I was so close to placing much higher. On the other hand, I know I gave every event 100% and did my best. That means I am that close to placing higher in the next comp! The next day I was sore and a bit banged up, but nothing to terrible. Today (Tuesday) I'm actually already back in the gym, starting training for my first Powerlifting meet with RPS in October!


Lessons Learned:

1. Need to work on absolute strength for deadlifts

2. Need to work on SPEED for most other events, (truck pull, keg toss, atlas stones)

3. Don't put spider tacky on your shirt before stones, or you'll accidentally flash everyone when your shirt sticks to the stone! :D





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Way to bring it!  Excellent write-up.  Always good to hear of people getting out and getting after it.

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On July 5, 2016 at 6:06 PM, miss_marissa said:

Congrats!!!! I've totally been stalking strongman the past few weeks thinking about training for a competition next summer. Any tips would be appreciated :D


You should do it! Most of my training is just basic barbell/dumbbell movements (Squat, BP, OHP, DL) you can do at any gym. If you have a chance to play with the specific equipment that's great, but it is by no means necessary. If there is no gym with strongman implements near you, then I would just train as usual. Maybe as the event gets closer contact the owner who is putting on the show. Chances are they would be happy to let you come to their gym a week out (or even more often than that!) and practice with all the implements just so you can gain a bit of confidence.


If you ever have other questions please ask! Strongman is the bestest! 


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I know I'm super late on this, but strongman is too awesome to not reply. Congratulations! I'm starting to do a some strongman training myself, but I'm limited to what I have at home. Hoping to join a local gym that has some implements. Not sure how much they have yet as they are primarily a powerlifting gym. 

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