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Hiking in the UK - Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District

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I'm new here and a relatively keen hiker (also a big comics fan and tabletop wargamer/RPG player, so this place kinda feels like home) so I thought I'd share a very brief description of two hiking trips I've been on recently.


First trip was to the Yorkshire Dales with an old pal of mine. We completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge - 26 miles across 3 mountains in 10 hours 45 minutes. Took us 55k steps and the equivalent of a 400-storey building in ascent, but it was a beautiful trip and well worth the effort. For those interested, the route starts by taking you over Pen-Y-Ghent, then along the Ribble Valley and up Whernside, which is the highest point in the county, then down a fairly sheer face and on to Ingleborough, which has a brilliant scrambling section to get you to the summit. We did half the walk in low cloud and a couple of hours in heavy rain but when the sun did come out and we could see the scenery it was stunning.


Second was to the Lake District, which for those not familiar with the UK is the closest thing we have to Middle Earth. I went with my wife and her family, and although we did a few low-level walks as her parents are a little older now and can't do the strenuous ones as easily, we climbed Great Gable and Green Gable (the former again has some brilliant rock scrambling sections near the top) and Skiddaw. We got hit by low cloud at the top of Skiddaw and had to change our route down and go back the way we'd come, but the walk on the Gables was absolutely stunning - brilliant sunshine the whole way, a nice quiet route away from the tourists, and a particularly pretty descent.


Next big trip is either Snowdonia or walking from one side of England to the other along Hadrian's Wall, one or both of which I am planning to do next year.


Look forward to hearing about all of your adventures!

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You should also take a look at one of the Coast to Coast trails across the Pennines.  One of the most popular is the Trans Pennine Trail which goes from Southport to Hull (I think), via Warrington, Manchester, Leeds and Goole.  It can be completed in around 10 days straight walking.  Although many people prefer to break it up and do it in sections.  Part of it runs really close to where I grew up in Manchester and runs along the river Mersey, with some beautiful scenery.

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6 hours ago, Myrdinn said:

Cheers Steaky, very helpful. Have you walked this, or parts of it, yourself?


Ive done odd days along stretches of it. I've done most of the Greater Manchester stretches. All are very well sign posted & fairly well maintained. I know a few people who have done the whole thing as well 

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On 6/29/2016 at 8:59 AM, Myrdinn said:


Next big trip is either Snowdonia or walking from one side of England to the other along Hadrian's Wall, one or both of which I am planning to do next year.


Green with envy!! There is nothing like the walking culture in the UK!! 

I was in the UK with my mum a few years ago, and we spent one day each wandering around near Snowdonia, just east of Newcastle on Hadrian's Wall, and in the Lake District. I'm dreaming of going back and doing all of Hadrian's Wall with my sister sometime in the next few years! We think we can do it in 3 days, but that might be a long shot ;) 

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