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I was up to "here" with being sick and tired of being sick and tired, when I received an email from NF. It was a last chance offer to join the Academy at the old price.  I did some reading and decided to sleep on it. (I tend to be a bit impulsive about buying fitness programs--I have several that do nothing but take up space on my hard drive or on a shelf.) 


I took the plunge.  Joining the Academy includes access to the NFA Facebook group. I don't do FB, so here I am.


Short background:

I'm 63 and extremely de-conditioned. I've had some medical problems related to a surgical procedure with serious complications. I was given a clean bill of health with no restrictions a long time ago; I can no longer use that excuse.


I am carrying around a lot of extra weight and that's beginning to really mess up my hips, knees, ankles, and feet. I work at a desk job (sports accountant--AKA "bookie") which doesn't help. On top of that, many of my current interests outside of work are also relatively sedentary.


I know what it is like to be strong and lean and fit. Anyway, I remember what it was like back in the dark ages. I don't expect to return to that level of fitness (well, part of me does, but deep down, I know that's unrealistic). I do know I can make some changes that will improve my health, strength, stamina, attitude, etc. And…I also know deep down that I have to start at the beginning.


I look around and see women my age and older who are very active and not slowed down (much) by aches and pains. I think to myself, "I wish I could be like them."


It's time to stop wishing and start doing. A year from now I will regret not starting today.

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Thanks! I've missed the gang here.


In addition to being MIA, I've been on vacation from work for 2 weeks. We ended up staying home and finishing the kitchen remodel and some landscaping projects. I'm glad we did that.  I have to get in better shape to ride in the car for 500+ miles for several days. I learned that while prepping and painting the kitchen and dining room. Standing on a ladder and reaching awkward places with masking tape or a paint roller are hard work. It killed my knees and hips.


I'm working through the Deskbound mobility prescriptions and I have completed some Academy workouts, as well as several "Quests." Now that I've settled into that routine, it's time to get back into the NF community.



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9 minutes ago, Elastigirl said:

I bought Deskbound and  read it. Loved it, so full of practical advice. Been trying to do some of the mobility work.


It's scary what sitting does to us. I'm feeling improvement in my knees and more mobility in my ankles already. I can almost squat ATG without elevating my heels.



The hardest part is being patient enough to take it in small steps. I'm feeling very old lately, and now...if I don't do something right away, I'm going to lose what mobility I have. I want it NOW. I don't have decades left to fix things.

...Whine over.

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Good Morning.

Today is my last day of vacation. I have to return to work tomorrow and it's a busy holiday weekend. From now until Football season, we will have at least one person on vacation every week, so it will seem busy. I don't mind. I plan on incorporating some of my Deskbound drills into my work day.


I have been referring to this two week vacation as practicing for retirement. I think I could get used to more puttering around the house and only working part time at the garden center or some other non-sitting job. :)  To celebrate the end of vacation and the completion of our kitchen remodel, DH and I are going out for breakfast, a walk around the nearby lake (2 miles) while it's not too hot, then I have  a lunch date with a friend and some shopping.


I also have a workout scheduled for the afternoon and my usual food prep that I do on Fridays. Today will be the last of the big splurges.

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I had a great day out for the last day of vacation....until I took a bad step and twisted my right knee. That's the knee I've been babying and it was just feeling really good.



I have to go to work, but I'm going to try to get out early and go to the ortho clinic  or urgent care. I'm having DH take me to work because I know I can't handle all the stairs from the employee car park.


If I didn't have enough reasons to get serious about shedding these extra pounds...this is the topper.



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Well, I made it through work OK. I didn't succumb to any tempting baked goods or even junk brought in by my co-workers. And my knee got surprisingly better. I will still have a professional look at it, but I think it can wait until my days off, rather than sit and wait for hours in ER on a holiday.


It feels like something needs to pop back into place and when I massage the side of my knee, using one of my mobility tools, it feels good. I just hope it's something relatively easily fixed--like out-patient and local anesthetic.

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Thanks, Seven!


My knee is freaking me out. I can get full range of motion, even lunges and squats one minute, then the next, I get pain that brings tears to my eyes. Something is out of place and I am determined to get it diagnosed and fixed.


Today was another good day at work. No junk food. I am trying to eat on the light side of my meal templates since I'm not getting any meaningful activity in at the moment.

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Well, I've been very careful with my knee and noticed yesterday that I didn't notice it at all. I had my most minimal Nike shoes on and did quite a bit of walking around stores while doing the weekly shopping. After lunch I did Workout B without trouble. There were no squats or lunges, but still.


It's funny how it is all linked together. If my knee doesn't hurt, I can move. If I can move, I have a better attitude. When I have a better attitude, I don't feel the need for garbage-food, so I eat what's planned. When I eat what's planned, I feel better all over--and ...bonus: I lose weight.


Amazing that this is just dawning on me now ....at 63.



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I did workout A yesterday and it included squats, and my knee did not blow out. Of course, I did BW squats with a little assistance from the door frame, but still....


I also completed my 30-day detailed food log. I feel like I'm moving right along, even if it's very slowly. At least I'm moving and in the right direction.


I think I may have lost a little weight but I won't step on the scale while I'm sore and retaining water. Plus I know the scale pushes my buttons. If my weight is down, I can celebrate with a bowl of ice cream. If my weight is up, I can be consoled by a bowl of ice cream. Those old Weight Watchers curses hang on for ever.


Now I'm off to work.

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Moving right along.

Food has been good. Even at work. Well, except for Saturday, when that blueberry pie winked at me and my Inner Brat reacted before my Grown-up self could intervene. Other than that, I'm building up my awesomeness, even if it is quite slowly.


The best part is that I completed workout B with no trouble. It's mostly core and upper body, so my knee wasn't affected too much, but still...

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Oooops! Where have I been?


I've been hanging out on another message board and my allocated screen time keeps running out.


Well...I've been doing pretty well. I am keeping up my food log and I've done the workouts. Following Dan John's "Punch the Clock" style, I guess. I'm showing up and doing the work, even if my heart hasn't been fully in it. My knee is feeling better and I don't even notice it most days.


I'm past my workout time, so I'd better get at it.....

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So much for this being a Daily Battle Log.

It's been nearly a month....


Well, the doctor appointment went OK.

Good news: my knee pain is from ITB tendonitis. Anyway, that's the doc's opinion. I'm thinking I need to be properly fitted for shoes.

Other news: I'm fat. No surprise there, but he wants me to quit eating so much meat and eggs. Whaaaaat????!!!

I go back in 3 weeks for a followup on my blood work and even though my cholesterol is high, I'm going to offer to bring it down without medication. 90 days is all I want.

All the other markers on my blood work came back within normal ranges, including Vitamin D, so that's good.

Also other news: he couldn't feel my carotid pulse, so he ordered a carotid ultrasound. That came back clear and normal. But....I have nodules on my thyroid. I'm sure the doc will order a thyroid scan.


Getting old is a hard job.




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Glad you are back!  Don't tell the doc how much meat and eggs you plan on eating, just tell him you will work on eating more veggies and less sweets, that should make him happy.:)

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"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind' Luke 10; 27

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I know.

This is a new doctor and he claims to be homeopathic, but he handed me literature about calcium and cholesterol that was quite dated.

I am not in a good place to be arguing the merits of the Paleo diet, or even the Whole30, while I'm standing there 50 pounds overweight and with joint pain.


To my credit, I have been walking nearly every day and I'm up to 40 minutes at that. I just did my Academy workout and in spite of the fact it has been 9 days since I did a workout, it was easy. And the scale is down 3 pounds since the end of June. And my measurements show fractional improvement.


I gotta celebrate the tiny victories.



One of my Academy goals is to participate and contribute more here. I've been hanging out with old Weight Watchers buddies and it's just not healthy....physically or mentally.



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September 1 already. Yikes!


I'm back from vacation. And it was so nice and peaceful. Quiet and restorative--just what I needed.


I have had my followup appointment with the doctor.

  • Good news: the carotid artery ultrasound results came back NORMAL. Yay!
  • Possible bad news: I have nodules on my thyroid and will get an ultrasound on that next month.
  • Bad news: my cholesterol is high. No surprise.
  • Good news: doc is giving me 6 months to bring down the numbers and lose some weight.
  • Bad news: he wants me to follow the Blood Type Diet. I'm type A-neg, so that's a vegetarian diet, according to the plan. Supposedly, I'm allergic to beef and pork!
  • Good news: After reading many articles from more reliable sources (Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, et al) I'm blowing that off in favor of a reduced-carb, Paleo/Primal eating plan....like I've been doing, but without the off-roading.


Good news that is not mine: my brother who has been fighting two blood cancers is doing very well. He says he "feels ten feet tall and bullet-proof."

And that's the best news of all.


So......after thinking about my weight-loss/cholesterol challenge given me by the doctor, I realize the dates fit perfectly with the upcoming football season. My 6-month appointment is mid-February--after Super Bowl. The NFL and college football season are just getting started. I will track my progress along with the football season. Brilliant!


This is meaningful because of my job. Sports Accountant, aka Bookie.

I run the sportsbook in a large casino in NV and football is our busiest time--I like the routine that I settle into.

This is perfect. I dream of retiring after this football season. I want to retire in good health. And even if I don't retire next year, being fit can't hurt, right?


Sorry for the train of thought rambling, but that's where I'm at.


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Weight loss Buddies, my Dr has insisted I lose weight because everything I have going on is weight related............but, bugger him, I want  to drop the weight for the competitions next year. Two weight classes if I can! Yessss to Paleo/Primal. He wanted me to do the shakes thing.........just no. Tried to explain to him that my training sort of needed me to eat real food, he was shocked that I was powerlifting, although we have had this conversation many times. 

I'm also A-neg, never thought anyone could be allergic to beef ;) mmmmmmmm steak!!!

Great news about Brother. :) 

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Wait! What............?

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