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Hi. My name is _________. And I'm a noob

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Hello there :) 


I was just introduced to NF about two weeks ago and have found it as a great tool and resource so far, despite not being in the academy.


Started cleaning up my diet towards the Paleo direction a week ago and wondered:

-Can I drink black coffee? (I think this is a 'yes' from others' comments I've read)

-Can I eat honey?

-Is a little salt on the veggies ok?


Thanks for any input!

To other new-to-Paleo friends, what other foods have you had questions on?

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Coffe yes; with caveats, how does caffeine affect you, can you still sleep, and you need to drink  at least 64 oz of water a day, so don't  drink coffee at the expense of water

honey: mmm, depends what your goals and how much. A little bit isn't much, but if you react to insulin and are overweight just replacing sugar with honey won't help you make your goals


salt: is very good and tasty and good for you in the correct amount,  since you are taking out processed foods you will want to make sure you do have some salt to tast on veggies and meat.

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Howdy, I have been bouncing around from diet to diet but none seem to work. I have afew nurse friends I work with that not only rant and rave about the paleo but have been super successful. Do ya'll know of a place to get a good diet plan to follow until I get the hang of paleo? 

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I say just commit to it for 30 days.  don't bounce around.  eggs/meat, veggies, water.  every meal.  it's not hard.  it can be exciting if you like cooking.  but if it's just a means to an end (like to jump start weight loss or cut out processed food) then be boring and eat the same thing all the time.  here's what I eat the majority of the time:  3 eggs scrambled w/2 pieces of bacon and 1/2 avocado & pico de gallo / salmon with salad & olive oil dressing / 1/2 apple + 1/4c nuts / chicken with steamed veggies & olive oil.  boring.  i know it.  but I just commit to it because my goal isn't culinary, it's weight/sleep/energy related.  I can and do make other very yummy paleo meals but when i first started and just jumped in?  I was boring.

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