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Morning all! 


Starting my battle log. Pretty sure conventional practice is to start the healthy journey after a holiday. But that's just silly. Let's start now! Calling it "No Days Off" because I don't want cheat days or lazy days. Obviously my body needs rest and there's nothing wrong with having a treat here or there. But I want to be mindful every day of the choices I'm making. Giving myself an entire day off to eat whatever or sit on the couch for 16 hours isn't going to make me feel better. 


Not 100% what I'll end up putting here. All the feels, prolly. 


To kick things off, I have my starting stats. As much as I don't want to share, here we go! 

  • Weight: 201.8 pounds 
  • Height: 5'3" 
  • Body-fat percentage (using US Navy): 50%
    • Neck: 15" 
    • Chest: 42.25" 
    • Waist at narrowest: 41"
    • Waist at naval: 43.5" 
    • Hips: 47' 
    • Thighs: 28" 
    • Arms: 15" 
    • Wrist: 6.5" 
    • Forearm: 11'


For diet, I'm using Weight Watchers. I need something beginner-friendly and this seems to be working for me. The problem is I don't stick with it. I lost 7 pounds earlier this year by using WW religiously and then I just . . . stopped for a while and gained most of it back. No more! 


For exercise, I'm all over the place in a good way. For instance, Friday I did a Barre3 workout. Yesterday I did Walk Away the Pounds (super cheesy but low-impact ^_^). Today I did Yoga with Adriene (Day 1 of the 30-day challenge). So all low-impact and beginner-level. Easy to modify. And lots of variety to keep boredom away. Right now the goal is to get off the couch every day. I'll bump up intensity as I go. 


Off to walk the dogs. 


Excited to see how this space becomes more "me" as I go. 


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Happy 4th everyone! 


Went for a 2.5-mile walk first thing this morning. Go me! 


Yesterday went well: came in at 30 out of 30 WW points. And got it a couple miles just wandering around throughout the day.


I'm having an issue with my FitBit. It shows the right time but it seems to be way off on when it resets for the day. Right now it's telling me I have taken 13k steps today — I wish. Gonna take out the battery and reset it. It's the Zip... My Charge HR gave me a rash. :apologetic: Hopefully I can figure it out. But my iPhone seems to be doing a decent job tracking steps so it's not that big of a deal. 


Hoping the weather stays nice (they're calling for rain) and we can see some fireworks tonight. 



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Howdy! Trying to get these to make a little more sense so doing them at night. 



2.5-mile walk plus a little bit of extra walking at the ballpark we went to for fireworks. 

32 WW points. Went 2 over but ya know what.... for the 4th of July, I'm good with that. In fact, I'm proud.



30-minute Barre3 workout. My thighs are already yelling at me so that's a good sign 

Sitting at 25 out of 30 points right now. If I have a snack it'll be fruit/veg which are point-free. 


I've now gotten off my butt and moved for five days in a row. I'm feeling a little sore but not so sore that I am trying to talk myself out of exercising. Food is a work-in-progress but I'm staying in line with WW so I'm feeling good about that. 


Other things in life are making me tired, sad, and kinda cranky. It's been nice to carve out workout time for my me-time instead of using it as an excuse to stay in bed or stay on the couch. 

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About to pass out. Been a long day. Woke up with a looming migraine that really hasn't let up all day.

I've kept it at bay enough. And still got in a 45-minute Walk Away the Pounds video this morning. Really low-impact.

As to food, I'm at 27 out of 30 points and done for the day. So, yay!

I just got Pokemon Go and plan to take a walk around the small lake behind my apartments in the morning. Ridiculously excited about that. [emoji41]


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So even though I posted my measurements last Sunday, I had taken them Saturday. So i'm going to post weekly updates on Saturdays instead. 

  • Weight: 201.8 pounds 199.2 pounds (-2.6!)
  • Height: 5'3" (still short)
  • Body-fat percentage (using US Navy): 50% (no change) 
    • Neck: 15" (no change)
    • Chest: 42.25" 41.75" (-0.5")
    • Waist at narrowest: 41" 40" (-1")
    • Waist at naval: 43.5" 42" (-1.5")
    • Hips: 47" 46.75" (-0.25")
    • Thighs: 28" 27.75" (-0.25")
    • Arms: 15" (no change)
    • Wrist: 6.5" (no change)
    • Forearm: 11' (no change) 

To sum up: down 2.6 pounds and lost 3.5 inches. Woohoo! 


I got off my butt every day. I went over my daily WW points twice over the holiday weekend but I didn't come close to maxing out my weekly flex points. Not ideal, I know. But it feels good to still have points left at the end of the week. :) Step in the right direction. 


I've already clocked in a five-mile walk. Thanks, Pokemon Go. Going grocery-shopping tonight, so off to make my list. tumblr_mkfvwbAGwT1s9e7r3o1_500.jpg




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Clearly I'm not so great at daily logs. I did have a rough week after my last update. Not too terrible — just was really under the weather. I did get up and move but not like I should have. Diet got out of hand which was really bad. I did take measurements on Saturday and it shows I'm still heading in the right direction. But I need to let bad days and illnesses roll of a little better than I did. 


Information from Saturday, July 30. 

  • Weight: 196.6 (-2.6 lbs!) 
  • Height: 5'3" (still short)
  • Body-fat percentage (using US Navy): 47%% (-3%) 
    • Neck: 15" (no change)
    • Chest: 41.75" 41" (-0.75")
    • Waist at narrowest: 40"  39.25" (-.75")
    • Waist at naval: 42" 41.5" (-.5")
    • Hips: 46.75" 45.25"  (-1.5")
    • Thighs: 27.75" 27" (-0.75")
    • Arms: 15"14.75" (-0.25")
    • Wrist: 6.5" (no change)
    • Forearm: 11' (no change) 

To sum up:

  • Since last weigh-in: down 2.6 pounds and lost 4.5 inches. 
  • Since July 3, 2016: down 5.2 pounds and 8 inches! 

You are a force to be reckoned with.

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