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Ranger Ready To Level Up!

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Hi there! I'm Val, and based on my perusal of the Guilds, I fit smack dab in the Ranger guild! I ride bikes, and horses (when I can fit it in my budget!), run slowly, I enjoy all kinds of adventures, like kayaking, hiking, Geocaching and my goal is to increase my focus on body weight exercise.


I want to be able to complete a real push up, to run a mile without stopping, increase my range of motion to improve my horse riding (tight hips mess with good riding posture!), and if I can tone up a bit while I do these things, excellent! 


The main thing for me is functionality. I'm a physical therapist assistant and I want to be strong so that I don't get hurt at work, and so that I have the energy and endurance to enjoy my life when I clock out! As an avid gamer and all-around nerd, I LOVE the idea of a real life RPG, and I'm excited to dive in and start leveling up! 


Also, this is giving me the opportunity to combine nerdy things: I'm working out so I can click the "completed" quest button and get the XP, and so  that I can record it in my bullet journal quest tracker, because lists feed my soul. =p Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and becoming a part of this nerdy fit community! 




P.S. Can someone tell me how to put on a signature? Thanks!

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Welcome Val.


Glad to have you aboard. 

For the signature

first look at the top of the page next to your name and profile pic.  There will be a down arrow. click that.

then click account settings.

On the account settings page, on the right side there will be a tab to select signature.

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Hey welcome on board! Have you found your way around the forum alright? 


We're just finishing the current challenge but there's another starting on the 17th that you can join. 


I love that you have such a focus on functionality, I think many people overlook that. Then again, you being a physical therapist will give you an insight into that, lol!


Haveing read your intro I think you will fit right in. There are quite a few people with a love for lists, bullet journals, and RPGs. Lots of people use role playing to turn their challenge threads into Epic Quests with them as the main character (complete with backstory, of course) and have a points system which all goes towards a main goal. You'll see people have info in their sigs with "Level 3 Orc" and stuff like that, or using the Progress Bars, which are really cool!


Of course there's no pressure to do any of that, but it can be fun. ;) 

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