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RedStone Builds Shelter From The Rain

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OH! It's the end of the challenge isn't it! Well, this was an interesting month, lots of good training, better (but not perfect) eating, some good sleeping, and very little cardio :P I like that I didn't do a point system, it added unnecessary stress in weekly recaps and wasn't something I benefited from all that much during the actual weeks so it doesn't feel like a loss this time. Not sure if I'll revisit later, more likely will revise.


Refeed: I seem to be maintaining at around 1450ish calories. I had a few hiccups here and there where I thought I should cut for the next round, but then remembered better. My measurements are still trending towards my goals so there's no need to stop rebuilding my metabolism. If I tell you I'm going to cut anytime in the next few months, smack me upside the thread!


Program: PHUL is great, I love it and am considering PHAT for the future. For now I'll be continuing PHUL for my next cycle, tho I will be changing the accessories a bit here and there within the structure of muscles targeted in the program. Also time to reintroduce cardio and continue more mobility work.


Life: I feel much happier and more collected than I did at the beginning of this challenge. I'm still being cautious about social time, and when I get back from Idaho will have to see what my ACE study structure is like - for example, a day time friend said she will go to the library with me when I go to study, but I know I won't be able to get anything done with her there, so I'll have to be diplomatic etc. Of course I don't want to burn any bridges, which is terrible for life and business, a few of the girls have already expressed interest in working with me once I have certification. We'll see if they're actually serious ;) 


In other news, a great way to end the challenge - yesterday was my first official nerd meet up, and it was awesome!! And hopefully the first of many! :D @Emerald_Dragonfly @elvenengineer @Grymm and I ate, played, solved problems, then ate some more. Everyone was as awesome as expected and I spent more of the day grinning, except for that short period of time when we were all melting in the heat - fortunately there were pokemon to keep us company and comfort us... 




And, for posterity sake, the startling reality:




(I'm not gonna post the group shots because A: Em's phone got the best one of the all warriors and B: the other pictures I have include spouses and a stranger and it seems wrong to post them online without permission lol)


In conclusion, Lybia is a land of diversity. Thank you.

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18 minutes ago, Grymm said:

You take that back!  I will go Godzilla on your town!  I'm like the 8th wonder of the world!


8 minutes ago, Sam Ashen said:


Here I thought Grymm was a normal-sized bro.


Hehehe, I mean, I assume he's a normal size, 6'8"ish maybe? Everyone over 5'2" looks the same to me... :beguiled:

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18 minutes ago, Emerald_Dragonfly said:

My guess is 6'3


But then again...he *did* have to remove part of his ceiling to do OHP, so...


LOL okay if I'm being serious I would guess at about 6'4" We should have a Grymm poll lmao -everyone gets a cake!

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