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Hey, guys!


This will be my third time starting this journey! The first time I lost weight through self-teaching myself weight training through YouTube and from help on here. I stopped because of college and marching band. Luckily, marching band was so intense that year that the weight I lost stayed off me all through marching season (football season, for those that don't speak music nerd). I started at about 235-240 and ended up at 210-215. 


I didn't eat bread or pasta and incorporated more veggies/greens and grilled meat into my diet. I felt AMAZING! But I got into a relationship (which is awesome!) but my partner doesn't have the best eating habits, so I picked up the weight again. :( I was so sad. And now, I'm at 240 lbs and I feel horrible with myself. I wear the clothes that I had then and think "Wow, this is kinda tight. I remember getting these because they fit PERFECTLY just a year ago!" Then I get a bit depressed.


I'm willing to start back because of 3 reasons:

1.) My back has been hurting and I know it's from the lack of exercise. I work at a daycare and since majority of my work requires me to bend down to tend to little ones, I need to be fit enough to deal with it and not have pain.

2.) During the time I lost weight, I didn't get as sick as I am now. My allergies basically CORRECTED themselves, even my doctor was amazed! But as soon as I gained the weight back, I started snoring again and I can only breathe out of my nose maybe twice a week. ANNOYING! 

3.) It's about that time to really make that change in my life! I'm 22, almost 23. The time is now!! 


The only problem will be getting over my anxiety to go to the school gym and getting started with weight training officially!! Any words of advice/encouragement/whatevers will be welcomed! 

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Welcome back! Third times and charms, eh?


Regarding getting into the weight-room:

1. Try to find someone to go with you, at least for the first few times. When I was in college I really wanted to lift weights but was intimidated, so I put up a sign on my dorm bulletin board asking for a workout partner. Once I'd gone with someone else a few times, I knew my way around and it wasn't nearly as scary. She quit after a few weeks, but by then I was over my intimidation and found I prefer working out alone.


2. Have a plan before you go. Something along the lines of "I'm going to jog on the treadmill for 10 minutes as a warm-up, then bench press, squats, and lat pulldowns." Having a plan takes you from being a clueless wanderer to a warrior on a mission, and a warrior on a mission is no one to be trifled with.


3. Remember that no one is looking at you. No one is judging you.  Even the big guys who act like they own the free weight area; few people are as self-absorbed as a bro admiring his own pecs. Everyone is so caught up in themselves and their own workouts that they are barely registering your existence. (Unless you are doing bicep curls in the squat cage; then they are judging you.)


Good luck on your journey!

"'It's time for a few small repairs,' she said." - Shawn Colvin



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