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New challenge. New respawn!


Recently I started watching Supergirl, and I loved how Wonder Woman was a badass in the Batman vs Superman movie. What do these women have in common? (Besides being superheroes.)


They're strong as hell.


My butt is also complaining about all the sitting around I've been doing while working on my novel, blogs, and freelance job search. You see I recently changed cities and am looking for new employment, so there's a lot of time spent on the computer. Traditionally I've been a ranger who enjoys both running and lifting, but given the heat this summer (and saving my pale skin the sun exposure) I'm swapping running for yoga. I want to use this 4-week challenge to test out how I feel when lifting without running.


So here's my down-and-dirty challenge for the month.

How To Be Supergirl

  1.  Lift every other day
    1. Use the Academy Barbell Brigade Level 1 Workouts
    2. Record lifts in my Fit Happens journal
  2. Start every day with a 20 to 40 minute yoga session 6 days a week
    1. Use either NerdFitness Yoga or youtube videos from Yoga with Adriene
    2. Check a box in my Fit Happens journal
  3. Track my food intake using MyFitnessPal daily
    1. Check a box in my Fit Happens journal

Life Quest: Send out my novel to beta readers by the end of the month.

This means the novel has to actually be ready for beta readers! I'm not going to hold myself to anything like "write 2000 words every day" because I'm at the point where there's more going into the writing process than strict word counts. The quest will only be accomplished when I have the finished product.


Well, mostly finished. It will still need editing, but it will be so much progress I'll need a week to celebrate.


My reward for accomplishing my quest?


I'll get myself a purse from Disneyland for my birthday! (I'm girly like that!)


Wish me luck!

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17 minutes ago, Grizzy said:

Sounds awesome! A bunch of us are on MFP. This is me: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/profile/twothirdsbeth

I completed Nanowrimo one year. Are you doing camp Nanowrimo or just doing it on your own?

I'll add you next time I'm on!


I'm just writing it on my own. I've done NaNoWriMo before (it's wonderful, isn't it?), and this is an ongoing project that revolves more around polishing a draft I already have over disciplining myself to write consistently.


16 minutes ago, NatetheStrong said:

Welcome to the warriors! There's nothing like lifting heavy and getting strong! Out of curiosity, what kind of novel are you writing? And what new city have you recently arrived in?

Right?! I love being able to move furniture with the big and tall boys during moves! As a little blonde girl it's fun jumping in where no one expects!


The novel is high fantasy erotica, and it's the beginning of a platform that will (hopefully) help me make a living writing novels. And I just moved to Fresno. ^.^

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Welcome to the warriors! You can also add me on MFP - veggiejulia - but lately my food choices have been admittedly not stellar. I'm working on that!

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