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Thursday, March 5


Strength Training


20m partner workout: pacer does reps, partner does cardio/core






Okay, I'm sorta back home. I'm not going to run a Challenge thread anytime soon, even though challenge threads are where I lived for most of the past six years and they're what I still follow and I know that with a Battle Log I'm kinda *waves hands* ~over here~. But this is what I can handle right now. Stress levels are high and anxiety accompanies it. I don't need one more thing that feels like an obligation.


I'm trying to figure out what my "fitness goals" are as I near 53 years old. I spent the better part of five years identifying myself as an Obstacle Course Racer and while I still enjoy it, arthritis is taking its toll and I hurt a ~lot~ of the time. Less so when I'm active, which is a clue, but I'm just not getting that charge and excitement out of the process right now. I'm signed up for a handful of races this year but it was just recently because my middle child - who will turn 30 this year - asked me to do a Spartan Sprint with them. It's good to have something on the calendar, because that's something for me to work toward. We'll see how far I want to push it. I was a moderately-successful age-group racer as recently as three years ago. We'll see what happens going forward.


I started the year tracking macros and while I'm not eating like a moron, I'm not doing that right now. I've dropped some uncomfortable weight around the middle and it will continue to get better as I get back to working out regularly. I still have yet to start running. The temps are supposed to hit 50 this weekend and I'm looking forward to being outside and trying some miles. My running shoes have been in the back of my truck for months and mentally I'm ready for it. Let's see how my body reacts.

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Saturday, March 7


Strength Training




It was a gorgeous weekend. It was sunny all weekend and the temps reached 60 on Sunday afternoon. I took the opportunity to clean out the garage shop and knock together a simple project that made me feel productive.


I built a Cajón drum. It turned out nice but I wish I'd paid more attention to grain direction on the top of the box. It sounds pretty good, I'll see if I can get a clip of someone playing it this week sometime.

I'm going to open it back up this week and install a snare that can be turned on and off.





A new trimester starts for the kids at school this week. Last trimester did not go well for either of them. I hope this trimester is better.

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The drum seems cool to me!


Just ventured into battle-log-land to leave this here for you 🙂



You've been caught in the "crossfire" of the Scouts Virtual Color Run!



It's just a little bit of light-hearted fun and a celebration of Spring.

If you want to "participate," here are some ideas for this week:


  • For one exercise session this week, pull out the brightest version of clothing you might reasonably wear
  • Get into the spirit of the holiday by letting go of an old grudge or resentment, or by taking the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and make a fresh start on something
  • Enjoy the season...find an extra reason to spend a few minutes enjoying being outside
  • "Throw some color" on someone else...maybe spread some cheer, or do a good deed.
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