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RisenPhoenix Really Doesn't Know What's Going On

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On 8/10/2016 at 8:21 AM, The Most Loathed said:

People have been talking about no man's sky forever. I was surprised to learn that it had just come out. I have to admit that from all i've heard, they've made big promises that will be hard to fulfill.

On 8/10/2016 at 10:20 AM, raptron said:

Haha, I have been kind of worried about NMS suffering from super-hype. I'll probably pick it up sometime around Christmas because it's pretty much single player anyway and I don't have that GOTTA BE WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE fomo for it. 


Honestly, I've been enjoying it.  Yes, it's a walking-through-space sim, but the mythos they scattered across the worlds/galaxy/universe is compelling enough that I want to keep finding things that tell me more.  So for me, I like it.  The views are pretty, lots of little "Oooo, lets see what this icon indicates" moments.  I like that they give you time-to-icon notes when you start travelling towards things.


They, in my opinion, were pretty true to their word.  It's the people who COMMENTED on what they thought NMS would be that hyped it into some Galactic Empire Building-and-Trading simulation.  It's not.  It's a game where you walk around, puzzle out what these Sentinel things are, how to talk to aliens, what species of critters exists, and what's in the center of the galaxy.  Pretty much what the Devs were saying from the get go.  If you like chill exploring games, it's a good way to burn some time.


On 8/10/2016 at 10:26 AM, Haikoo said:

Ermigerd! I played clarinet in HS! (Haven't touched it in YEARS though....)


When the girlfriend visited I found out she can kinda play the guitar.  That means my brother, brother-in-law, and girlfriend can do music stuff and I can't.  So I felt left out.  So I nabbed my old clarinet and decided to see what happens.  Maybe I'll get back to my Tenor sax one day, but right now it's too bulky of an instrument to keep in an apartment.  Clarinet is nice and compact.



On 8/10/2016 at 5:28 PM, Mistr said:

I hear you on recovering after a bad week. It sounds like this week you will be doing all the adulting. So long as you play NMS away from food, you can stretch out your IF time a lot.


Good luck on the next round of interviews!


I've been somewhat successful at not eating while playing NMS.  If I do eat, it's something like carrots, cucumbers, or celery.  Not the worst things to snack on.


Hopefully interviews will start rolling in.  I'm in a bit of a drought because I applied to a bunch of things.  July was spent dealing with the roommate situation and the introduction emails, so I wasn't as application happy as I should have been.


That said, I DID apply to a company that I'm super excited for.  Those of you who have been stalking me for a few years now might remember before I got my job pre-start up, I applied for something I called "Better Company." (Hm.  Just now realizing I lost a chance to work at Better Company and then shortly thereafter starting seeing "Company" the person.  Better.  Heh.  Anyway.)  Well, they had an opening for a position that is FREAKING AWESOME, and I applied instantly.  I sorted everything together, got stuff lined up, and then did some LinkedIn stalking to see if I could network my way into something a little more firm.  Turns out Sempai is friendly and know very well a guy who's at the director level there.  Said director isn't in the department, but has experience enough that he could probably look at my resume and the job description and see I'm a good fit.  So Sempai is putting a good word in for me, and asking just to have him nudge my resume forward a bit.  I'm super excited to see if this goes somewhere.  Besides being a great place to work (with excellent pay...), it's an interesting project, it's discovery work, I'd likely use all my skills, and it's also a mile away from the dojo.  Sooooo..... Yea.  I can dream.



Other highlights over the last few days.  Couple of decent workouts, though I've only really managed one workout a day the last few days.  Food has been okay, not great, but I'm not worried too much about it.  I have a friend staying with me until Sunday, who's working at Boston Comic Con.  Tomorrow I'm skipping aikido to go there, because he has a free pass that I can use.  The cost is I have to cover his booth while he goes on lunch break.  I'm okay with this.  I also semi-committed to helping his friends run their NY Comic Con booth.  If I get a new job and can't get the days off, I'll have to pass entirely, but for now, I said I'd come and do everything.  


And while I'm talking about trips, I am now going canoeing next weekend with my cousin and her friends.  For ~$50 I'll get a canoe for two days, plus maybe another 50-60 bucks for food.  I've wanted to go on this now-yearly canoe trip with them for a few years, but timings have never lined up.  Figured I should go for it now.  It'll be an adventure, and I'm starting to realize I want to do more adventures with my life.  I haven't traveled a whole helluva lot as an adult, so I want to do that more when I can.  I just need to fight my Scrooge tendencies.


Uh, what else...  Not much else really.  Boston is muggy and hot and nasty, and my apartment doesn't have AC aside from my window unit in my bedroom.  I'm being slow and lazy for now, but hopefully this weather will break sooner rather than later.  Cuz it's gross.  I have 120-ish hours I need until my first kyu exam can be done.  I think I can manage that before December.  If not, April for sure.  I'm getting lots of special nudges from instructors about grading and ranking up, so I think most of them want me to test ASAP at this point.  Guess we'll see if I can oblige.


And now, I'm going to go hide in my room filled with cold air.  Peace.

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Well, the situation sounds like it's in hand over here. And hey, as long as you're unemployed, you might as well use the time for quality gaming. Not a poor move at all. :)


Or maybe a move that you can only make because you're poor. Lord knows I been there too. -_-


I feel you on muggy and hot and gross. Summer days...

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Oooh, hope you can get in with Better Company this time.  Your networking skills are impressive. 


Fight your Scrooge tendencies for the cool stuff, but balance them with NMS and reading for quality hermiting?  Reading anything exciting right now? The canoe trip and BCC sound well worth the excursions.


Learn all the cool stuff from your new roomie.  Or do chefs hate to cook when they're home?  They probably have high standards.

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I hope the job works out. The canoe trip sounds like fun.


Even chefs who really love cooking are likely to want to take a break from it when they get home from work. Probably a good thing to discuss with him.


Enjoy your quiet time in the A/C now. Soon enough things will be back to normal.

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