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Kelley's Daily Log

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Hello There!

These are all my over arching goals. Currently...


-          Lose 70lbs (I would like to get down to 160 unless I look and feel healthier before that) Weigh in Sundays

-          Be able to do a pull up (just 1 for now)

-          Actually like how I look!



-          Make 3 paleo/paleo(ish) dinners per week

-          Bring lunch to work at least 4x a week

-          Walk 30 min at least twice a week

-          Record all food eaten on MFP



-          Finally finish the craft room (it’s a horrible mess currently, and i want this to be my bat cave)

-          Find a new job

-          Read 15 min everyday

-          Write something everyday


Starting Weight: 225.4

Current weight: 218.6



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My Character ~~ My Log ~~ Formerly Kelley Gammell

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I haven't decided if i want to split up my meal log into a separate thread or not.

Day 1:

Fitness: I did not weigh myself today I am going to do so about 1 time a week and measurements monthly. 

Health: Took a 15 min walk on break will do more walking later!

Breakfast was good apples and a cheese stick.

Lunch i did bring my own! Had leftover corn-flake chicken with a homemade biscuit and some mashed potatoes.

I have no idea what i am having for dinner yet. but so far so good and I am way under calories!


Life: I get to play bass with a friend tonight so i am pretty excited for that. Try to get in another walk after with some Pokemon Go :). Did some job hunting found a few things to apply for over the weekend or tomorrow maybe. I wrote this :P but i will also write later just unsure of what. And tonight I plan on finishing The Pug List so yay!

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My Character ~~ My Log ~~ Formerly Kelley Gammell

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Day 1 End:

Dinner was Jimmy Johns, because we were out and it was the nearest "healthy Option". And i never got my walk in either, so i came in just over my calorie goal :( But i hit the rest of my goals, I wrote and read!


Day 2:

Man what a day! I only worked a half day so i just brought more snacky stuff for breakfast and then raced home to meet my grandma and my sister and her kids. Once all there we went down to Thursdays on First which is a weekly little street fair which is neat. So lunch was cheese steak and some other not healthy so healthy options but got a lot of walking in but i didn't log the walk cause it was a lot of stopping and going and a slow pace with all the people. After that my nephew went down for a nap and my neice for a nap/movie so us adults played phase 10 which was fun. Then they went home and Emily and I went on a pokego walk with my pug. It ended up being a 90 min walk into neighborhoods we had never been in. Dory (my pug) did super well and I very much so got my walk in! After that I helped a friend out with a ride and watched one of her sons baseball games for a bit. Got home at about 930 realized i hadn't eaten but still chose sleep over food. oops :/ but i came in under calories! Yay?

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My Character ~~ My Log ~~ Formerly Kelley Gammell

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Day 3 (July 15th)

Fitness: Slowly ticking down. Will weigh myself Sunday and see where i am at but i have been feeling good lately and things fit better which makes me happy. :)


Diet: Brought more chicken leftovers today, sadly it is the last of them so will need to meal prep this weekend. Breakfast was a cheese stick and some vanilla cracker things. Pretty decent. Logged everything so that is good. Dinner Emily is making Stir Fry for all 4 of us so it should be yummy, though i will probably skip the rice to make it more paleo, plus not the biggest fan of white rice.


Life:No craft room progress. Did a little job searching just really a whats in my area currently and is there anything in my field kind of search to add to my list of ones to apply for. I did read today already read some articles on cleaning and some organization for craft room prep! I also updated my bujo and will be working on some story boarding after work.


So far so great today! I feel pretty good today considering how busy i was yesterday though this morning my stomach was mad at me for skipping breakfast and I am a bit tired (i really want to nap). Work is hectic and crazy but it's almost the weekend and tonight with friends will be fun then taking a roomie road trip up to the zoo to meet up with a friend from college which will also be fun then a Sunday lazy day!

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My Character ~~ My Log ~~ Formerly Kelley Gammell

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Day 4&5 (July 16th&17)

Fitness: Down 7lbs total and 4" so doing pretty well I am happy with that :) Though i had a blow to the ego cause i went to the zoo with some friends on Saturday and i hate how i look in every picture we took so that sucks :(


Health: No paleo dinner this weekend (I don't even really remember what i ate. Maybe a chicken patty at some point?) No lunches needed. I did so much walking on Saturday 4+ hours worth, but than none on Sunday so it balances out right? I did log everything into MFP this weekend!


Life: Made small progress on the craft room Sunday (very small). Still working on the job front :/. No reading this weekend but lots of writing!!


Day 6 (July 18)

Fitness: No workout but lots of walking for Pokemon


Diet: Brought lots of snacks to work but still bought a small sandwich for lunch so 0/4 so far this week. I had HB eggs for breakfast and a protein bar for a snack all yummy, and then made a new paleo beef meal and it was gross :( So I ended up having some of my friends mac and cheese (she couldn't eat the beef anyway), but at least i tried and i did bring some leftovers for lunch so maybe it will be better reheated? I think it was the fennel in it that i did not like at all. Still need to update yesterday on MFP will do after this :)


Life: Was not home yesterday so no craft room project progress. Minimal writing and no ready so kind of a crappy day.

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My Character ~~ My Log ~~ Formerly Kelley Gammell

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Food Diary and craft room cleaning will be updated on my four week challenge  here. :)


Day 7 (July 19th)

Fitness: Been working on my push ups and then will work on pull ups eventually when i get a in home bar. :) Also did bodyweight 1b

Health: I did walk today 45 min :)

Life: Did not read did write. It was kind of an off night :/


Day 8 (July 20)

Fitness: Nothing DND night

Health: Walked another 45 min

Life: Had DND tonight. Got an assassins mission that i will get to role play outside of game night and i am super excited for it! I did some writing in prep for that and lots of reading on assassiny things :)

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My Character ~~ My Log ~~ Formerly Kelley Gammell

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Day 9 (July 20th)

Fitness: I cleaned the whole office at work (including the mens bathroom... Gross). Plus its hot here so that was a huge work out. After work I did body weight 1a so that was good.

Health: See above, that was enough of a workout. I did bring lunch today! some veggies and noodles it was so good! Was going to make paleo stuffed peppers last night but roomie offered to cook and i wanted to get into the craft room so i let here. It was still delicious and i was still under my calories.


Life: I applied some places yesterday so i hope i get interviews! Did read did not write though :(

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My Character ~~ My Log ~~ Formerly Kelley Gammell

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