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Princess Pineapple Turns Up and Makes an Effort

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Week 2 Days 6 & 7


I have to confess to nothing over these two days exercise wise.  Friday was spent working.  Saturday, I went away overnight to meet up with some of my husband's old school friends.  We went to lots of bars so I managed to drink lots of water! 



Goal 1: 7/8 runs complete

Goal 2: 4/4 cross training sessions complete

Goal 3: 12/14 water consumed


Week 2:  23/26

Not too bad, could've been worse!

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Week 3 Day 1


A pretty lazy day.  I was planning on running in the evening and then remembered that I was meant to be leading the group.  So I didn't run at all.


No cross training either but I did drink all of my water.



Goal 1: 7/12 runs complete

Goal 2: 4/6 cross training sessions complete

Goal 3: 13/21 water consumed



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Looks really good so far :) keep that up :)

I know the struggle of going to fast in training but haven't found a way to work on that yet...the podcast idea sounds good. I think I will get some new earphones and try it :)

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