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[Morag] rebalancing and realigning


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 Challenge number... 14 I believe it is for me. If I'm not mistaken, that is.


I have had a decent number of good-ish challenges. These usually start out quite well, I make huge improvements. But usually around mid-week 3 I start to... "fall of the wagon" sounds like a big event, when it is more like a lull in the momentum. A dwindling of enthusiasm.


I have become stronger and gained endurance as well.


This time around I am going to go for a more sedate improvement.


Week 1

FlyLady - my apartment will thank me

Do something nice for yourself.


Second half week 1

Daily exercise - picking up "darebee ab challenge" at day 30 (70 sit ups, lots of flutter kicks and some planks) and continuing on into level II.

Potentially some form of pushup challenge - no specific plans yet.

Next week is the last week of normal training before Summer Break. - So train while you can.


Week 2

Daily dare challenge - if there is such a thing, I have to look, will aim for silver again, eventually I will get there.

And some more foruming - as in mini challenge and socializing on here.


Second half week 2

And lastly nutrition - logging food EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Slowly getting back to paleo-ness, and eating carbs as a reward for exercise.



This is a lot, and I feel overwhelmed just by looking at the list. So I will build up my task list slowly. With week 3 and 4 just for maintaining.


Kindest Regards



Continued gratitude practice.


I am thankful for Netflix. So many shows I could never afford owning...

I am appreciative about pure cashmere yarn. Such a wonderful luxury.

And lastly I am thankful for kids being in daycare most of the day, they are chewing on the bit as is... I would never be able to keep up, were they not powered out during the mornings and early afternoons....



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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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Hi Morag!  Glad to see you here again, and continuing your gratitude trend.  :)

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"By the Well-Oiled-and-Meticulously-Groomed Beard of Rurik!" - Tanktimus the Encourager.

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I accidentally reloaded the page, deleting the post I had all written out. ARGHH


So what was I going to say here?

Gastro flu knocked me on my bumm. Thursday I held it together until I had rid myself of my resposibilities, then the fever took me, and I slept through the night and almost the entire next day, surfacing enough to instruct the kid on how to order pizza, and later get the small one to eat a sandwich and go to bed. More sleep was had, cold sweats and all the nastiness. Now it's Saturday past noon, I'm showered and dressed and hubby is making noises of "how did this thing start for you?" "I think I'm getting it too...". I'm doing a half day today. Then back to bed.


I adjusted the time scale in the opening post, to allow for recovery.



all the best to you

and may the gastro flu pass by your house




Having enough money in the house to have the kid order pizza in a pinch.

Spending time with hubby gaming.

Hiking day trips with hubby, haven't had any in a while, but they are fun. We should do some more sometime soon.

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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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aka I'M ALIVE!



Getting children early. I can't imagine starting with the diaper thing in my mid thirties, so glad we're all well over that.

Rimworld. New game, heaps of fun.

Firefly. My life would not have been as rich had I not known it. (Also true appreciation for second season and spotlight stories of the crew through comics.)

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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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2 hours ago, Terra said:

Good to hear that you survived!!!  


Wait...  What?  Firefly second season??? 


So happy to have found you today!!!  I knew I was missing someone!  It was you!!!  


here you go (I hope our forums are cool with the linkeylink





at least those are the ones I read (I'm pretty sure).

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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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Joss Whedon really does make sure a good job is done with the comics.  The Buffy ones were really awesome as well.



How do you plan on ramping up your goals throughout the challenge? Or are you just doing those 4 things and continuing on through weeks 3-4?

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I am a strong little powerhouse 

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Hej guys, I'm so sorry for being awol.


Life has been INTERESTING.


I'm alive, all my loved ones are too, we are all healthy and happy, hubby is (home) on vacation now, I'm hoping for some good recharge time.

I'm ellbow-deep in the flylady teachings, doing awesome, workouts not so awesome. I'm about a week behind schedule (opening post) and glad that I have not packed this challenge too full. If it feels too easy it may be just about possible.


I'll do a full list before the end of the week, just had to pop in here and tell you how awesome you guys are for noot letting me wander off too far...








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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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Ok, I have to post something. I've not kept you up to speed AT ALL this time around.


Things implemented but still new:


  • Morning Routine (she calls it dress to lace-up shoes, but I don't wear shoes indoors and it is about making this my own too.) (shower, brush teeth, set in order hair and face, dress
  • Swish and Swipe (it makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE!)
  • Eat something good for you (not at a paleo level, but I do eat breakfast), take vitamins
  • Start a load of laundry (a load a day keeps the chaos away) (I am playing around with loading up the washer in the evening and starting it on a timer, that way I can hang the load out earlier, give it more time on the drying rack, and it actually dries, or dries earlier even.)
  • Empty dishwasher. (Usually while I am making my breakfast) (although I didn't start a load yesterday for the simple reason that it wasn't even remotely full yet. But I did awlk through the flat and picked up dishes and put them in. That counts.)
  • Hang laundry up
  • Check calendar for today (in the morning)
  • Check calendar for tomorrow (in the evening)
  • Brush hair, brush teeth, floss
  • Start evening load in the dishwasher
  • (dito laundry)
  • Shine my kitchen sink.


Things I'm struggling to keep in place:

  • Take laundry off the rack and fold it (usually really late when and if it's dried through, but I fold most things when I take them off the rack now, the less I have to pick things up, the better)


Things not in place yet:

  • Put clothes out for the next day
  • Go to bed at a decent hour
  • Hot spot maintenance
  • wash face moisturize
  • Go to bed at a decent hour
  • Drink water
  • What's for dinner?
  • Declutter for 15 minutes
  • 15 minutes loving movement (exercise)


Plans of course are to activate:

  • reboot the daily dares
  • start up again with the ab challenge
  • do the pull up  and push up challenges
  • running


I love you guys, I'm glad you are around and I will hopefully get my $h*7 together soon and come check up on you. I'm sorry that I haven't yet.


Speak soon







Amigurumi - Frozen

Building walls in rimworld - can't have too many walls - CAD so true!!

Hubby - I love my hubby, he's a special kind of awesome, very rare, AND MINE! :)

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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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