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Dan's 'first' 4 week challenge.

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Hi, I'm Troy McLure Dan Schmidt, you may remember me from writing such Nerd Fitness articles as 'A Nerd's Introduction to Mental Health', 'How to Build an Active, Outdoor Lifestyle With Your Kids' and 'How to fight the Tired Parent Syndrome'.


But today I'm here to talk to you about my "first"  4 week challenge. (I actually started a challenge in 2014, but couldn't complete it because I had to leave my house due to bushfires I am weak). But I'm damn set on completing this one (it's winter time here in Australia, so the risk of fire is much less).


We've just had our third child in May, and since then I've noticed I've slacked a bit with my exercise and I'm not in as great shape as I was when she was born. This tends to happen with the continual waking throughout the night, having no time to cook dinner or make lunch for the next day and being a miserable Australian winter (which really isn't that bad).

I spend a lot of time telling how to keep other rebel parents fit and active, so I better put my words into action myself.


MAIN QUEST: To lose weight (3kg)

I really don't want to be a fat dad, I was about 8 kilos heavier than I am now when my first child was born, and I don't want to get back to that. 


I'm not in terrible shape at the moment (I'm in what the BMI classifies as a 'healthy' weight, but I'm at the upper end of 'healthy'), but it's best to get on top of these things before it gets too big.


My goal weight is 74kg. I figure if I can lose a few kilos this winter, summer will be a whole lot more fun with the kids on the beach.


Goals for this challenge:

Physical quests:

Weights/Bodyweight exercises 3 times a week (my new workplace has a free gym which I have yet to use)

Run 2 times a week (5km+) (Pokemon GO will surely help with this, Team Valor FTW)


Diet quest:

No more eating in bed. (I'm terrible for late night snacking when I'm doing midnight feeds with the baby)

Drink more water at work (at least 1.5 Litres per day)


Level up my life quests:

Limit (non-work and non-NF) social media to an hour a day.

Spend one-on-one 'special' time with each child at least once a week.


Let's start simple and see how we go.


Feel free to check in and say G'day any time fellow Rebels.



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Off to a great start (we're a day ahead of you here in Australia).


Had a good hour of special one on one time with my eldest daughter on Sunday.


(She loved it, and we walked over 3km, I had to piggyback her back to the car, here's her catching her first Pokemon (Poliwag))



In addition to that I'm on track for my water at work today (it's just gone lunchtime and I've downed 750mL) plus I plan on hitting the (non-Pokemon) gym tonight.


How are you all starting off?

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Nice goals, love the pic of the little one catching pokemon, starting them off right. Aussie here too, damn i hate winter, working out is hard when its cold!

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Beautiful babies!

On 7/14/2016 at 6:56 PM, 'Down Under' Dan said:

Diet quest:


No more eating in bed. (I'm terrible for late night snacking when I'm doing midnight feeds with the baby)

Drink more water at work (at least 1.5 Litres per day)


I need to add this next time!


I'm rooting for you

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Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.

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6 hours ago, Magistra Fay said:

I'm rooting for you


That means something different here in Australia. Thanks though @Magistra Fay, regardless of whatever way you're rooting for me.


The water intake is definitely much more of a challange than I expected, 1.5 litres is two of these during the work day:



On the plus side, I'm doing much more walking to and from the toilet at work. Win, win.

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I want to say thank you for acknowledging that childless people should trust themselves about whether they want a child or not. 

I've been dead-set against having a child since I was five years old (I've just turned 43).  I don't like children.  I don't mean that I regularly throw them in the cauldron with some carrots and potatoes, I just don't like being around them.  And yet, all my life, people have utterly ignored my dislike of children and told me, "Oh, it'll be different with your own."

I asked them, "You willing to bet an innocent child's life on me changing my mind?"

And they don't even blink!  No matter how much it's entirely possible that I could ruin a child's life by having a baby when I didn't want a baby, they still thought it was something I should get right on.  I've never even been married, you'd think they'd at least endorse me keeping a boyfriend long-term before suggesting I get knocked up!

Oh, and the money I've spent on contraceptives probably doesn't add up to a year's worth of diapers, but it wasn't cheap.  And yet people still say to me, "You're lucky you don't have children, one day you'll know what it's like."  It's not luck, it's determination!  And I'm 43, when is "one day" finally going to be "never" in some people's heads?


So, I pretty much ignored about 95% of your post because it had nothing at all to do with me, but I liked that part.

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20 minutes ago, tienlong said:

I want to say thank you for acknowledging that childless people should trust themselves about whether they want a child or not. 


No worries, thanks for that. I think it's really important not to push the idea of children on absolutely everyone. Purely because it isn't for everyone, yet a lot of people don't get that.

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