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Daily routine changes

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I was thinking instead of something flashy that I stop after I finish the challenge, that I could come up with some simple changes I can do every day to work out a little and be more active. For example I am taking the stairs up to the 6th floor for work everday now and another idea is to do one pull up whenever I enter or leave the office at work.

Any of you have ideas of simple low-intensity changes that could be made to do every day?

I think for the challenge I am going to try and add one small simple thing every week.

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When I leave the house or come back, I do a few box jumps on my back porch. I work from home, so I can easily do jumping jacks, push ups, planks, bodysquats every hour or so. I turn helping picking up the kids toys into 20 or so body squats (and they mimic my behavior which is so cute).

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I rarely sit down. Yep, I have a standing station for my computer and I stand behind the couch when watching tv. Just standing increases your calorie burn and strenghtens the hips and lower body. You could also set up a tv commercial exercise break. Whenever the commecials come on you have about 3 minutes so you could do 3 50/10 bodyweight intervals like push ups, sit ups, squats, stretches etc.

great idea! good luck with it!

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