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Watch out for Bears


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@Rebel_Timelord Gracias, tambien, mi amigo.

@Bookish Badger Today's kitten yoga included a jump into my face to grab a string on my hoodie (it was cold this monring) in a wide forward fold, an old man kitty trying to cling to me during supine twists and slightly chewed toe and yoga mat.  Plus sound effects of chirping, mews, pounding feet and odd crashes in a different room.  So relaxing!


I'm keeping up with all the goals - we are now roasting veggies to add them to meals.  They are quite good - even the hubby who I can't get to eat a veggie is loving them.  Life is getting a bit busy/stressful right now so I haven't kept up with posting or reading others.  It's on my to-di list/bullet journal though!

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Sounds like you're doing brilliantly, congratulations. I have a similar goal around water and am finding it the toughest of everything I'm doing so I can sympathise. Can also sympathise with the cat interference with yoga. Mine waits until I am in downward dog then comes and sits underneath me so I can't lower myself down. It's almost like she knows ...

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10 hours ago, Fluffy said:

@Myrdinn What about when you do child's pose?  Mine sits on my legs when I'm in table top and then I can't lower down!  Or he waits until I'm in child's pose and then jumps on my back and curls up




Generally she picks the most awkward moment possible and then just gets in the way ... 

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Mine thinks that anytime I am on the floor, I must be there to play with him. Actually, if I am on the floor I am either foam rolling my back or stretching it out. Neither are very fun activities so he can't understand why I growl at him when he bats my hair, flops on my face, or curls up wherever he finds convenient and goes to sleep.

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"'It's time for a few small repairs,' she said." - Shawn Colvin



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Final tally:

  • Meditate twice a week.                           100%
  • Arrive at work at least 3 min early           60% BUT I was early 80% of the time - just not by the 3 min stat
  • Daily Duolingo                                         100%
  • Drink 60 oz of water a day                       93%
  • Eat 5 servings of fruit/veggies daily          89%
  • 5 side planks each side WITH leg lifts      nope!  but my side planks are stronger.
  • Continue exploring new workouts             did this - esp with injured elbow - it flares up if I use it too much
  • Simplify - remove two items from house daily  I removed 62 items for the home including 6 pairs of shoes, 23 books, sentimental but ultimately useless Tchatsky's, dishes and T-shirts.  My husband has challenged me to continue this goal for the rest week AND the next challenge.


  • Post Kitten picture - DONE


I've gotten busy and haven't read everyone's challenges this round :(  I apologize and appreciate the support I'm getting

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