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Juni0r83 puts first things first...

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So, recently I read a review of the 7 habits of highly effective people, and while most of the stuff in it seemed rather wishy washy, one of the habits really resonated with me. Put first things first. Which doesn't sound very concrete, but its actually really simple. What is supposed to be important to you? Do those things.


Anyway, my stength is important to me, so, it's going on my list.


Goal 1: Lift Shit 3 days a week.

Basically I'm just continuing on with my Texas Method program, with one or two minor tweaks. Firstly, I've added two back off sets on Deadlift to a) teach me to grind through fatige a bit better instead of just giving up because I'm tired, and b)increased frequency (read volume) should result in improved motor unit learning, and therefore improve my deadlift through greater specificity. Basically, do it more, be better at it. Also, I'm considering splitting my Intensity workout into two parts. Squat and Bench in part 1 (Friday) and Deadlift + backoff sets in part 2 (probably Saturday). Basically it's taking me too long to get through all of the stuff, so, unless my motivation to shorten my rest times suddenly improves, this is likely to be the way I act going forward.


The next thing that's important to me is getting down to a healthy weight, and also improving my chances of being competitive in my chosen sport. I.e. lose weight fatass.


Goal 2: Track your intake, every damn day.

Just put the stuff in MFP, even when you "think" you know how much you're eating, because really, you don't know shit. So, I'm tracking, as often as possible.


Finally, I need to get my life in order, and start actually doing the things that I want to do for the rest of my life. I need to write.


Goal 3: Write, Damn it!

So, This is going to be a bit of a wishy washy goal. But, the general concensus in my mind is 1000 words a day. If I can manage to hit that, I should get my current project on paper over the next few months. As compared to the last few months where its remained an amorphous blob of ideas in my head. Time to fix that.


So, each thing will be rated on a points system. 1 day done = 1 point. Except the lifting, one intensity workout regardless of how many days I spread it over, equals 1 point.


Total possible score = 68 points. And I failed to get my squat shoes last time around, so if I hit 70% of that, I'm getting them this time.


Target score: 47.6 points. I'll figure out what .6 of a point looks like later... Anyway, it's that simple. Lets see how I go.


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1 hour ago, wildross said:

I often ask myself.  Will this activity move me towards my goals?

Pretty much what I need to start doing. Hopefully this will help.

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Yeah, so this didn't happen. Onto the next challenge to once again forget about updating it and pretend like I didn't make a promise to myself.

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