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Wildross: back at it

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On 8/8/2016 at 2:54 PM, BarbarianBassBro said:

Holy shit, that´s impressive! Congrats!

Thanks...way below my max though (370#)


Opted for a massage this morning instead of working out.  We have a membership at Massage Envy, so I can pop in whereever and get a discount.  This one was right next door to the Anytime Fitness in Westerville, OH.  The interesting part is there is so much variation between how the different therapists approach a deep tissue massage.  This lady (Karen) was a dainty little thing and started on my scalp (which was odd).  Then she found knots in my biceps and calves that no one has ever found before.  I'm still feeling it 16 hours later...

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Workout on Saturday night

Total: 19.175#

Row 2 minutes 497 meters

Squat 10x45,135,225,5x315,3x365,2x405,1x425

Inclined press 10x45,135,185,5x225,3x245,4x2x265,1x2x275

Lytpw 5,10,15,20


And the last set of inclined press


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