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Aloha everyone :)

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Hi everyone!

My name is Stephanie. I'm 29 years old, and I live in Hawaii with my husband and 2 awesome kids! :) I stumbled across NF when I googled something like "how to do one pull-up". (Yes, weakling here) One article led to another and I was blown away by the "How to NOT Suck At Working Out" article. I pretty much realized that I've been sucking for the last decade or so.. even under the direction of "certified personal trainers." What a waste!

Anyway, I have a couple big things coming up for me towards the end of the year that I need to get into peak physical condition for: the firefighter CPAT test and our 10 year wedding anniversary party. I have TIME to train, but I what I need is direction! I feel like there's so much to learn! I don't necessarily need to lose weight, per se, but I do need to gain muscle. I've started the C25K program and hit the gym 3x/week (not touching any "machines" now that I know better!).

I look forward to checking out the rest of the forums to hopefully gain a sense of direction.

Thanks for having me, and I'll be posting away more soon! :)

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Aloha, Steph!

I lived in Hawaii for 10 years - just moved back to the mainland about a year and a half ago (hubby's in the Navy and we had to move :( ). I gotta say, I TOTALLY miss poke - there is NOWHERE out here to get decent poke and when I try to make it myself, it just doesn't come out the same. Boooooo

Congrats on your upcoming 10 year anniversary. HUGE milestone there :D And good luck with the training for your upcoming CPAT. We're rooting for ya!


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Welcome! I was in Maui in September for my honeymoon and my wife had to drag me away from going to a job fair while there.

I did C25K last year and it worked great.

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Thanks for the welcomes Frog and Corey!

Frog, haha, I don't think poke exists outside of Hawaii.. and I wouldn't even TRY to make poke by myself!! Good thing I live down the street from Tamura's! :) YES, 10 years is pretty huge for us. Since we were married so young (okay, well, *I* was young, 20, he was 27) people thought that we wouldn't last. Our 10yr-shindig is going to be a huge "BOOYAH!" to all those people! :) I'll need all the luck I can get on the CPAT.. I have a lot of time to train, so I should be good to go by then. :)

Corey, Hawaii's a great place to live (especially with kids if you have any). :) There's the double-edged sword of lower pay and higher cost of living.. but you live in paradise, so it's about a wash... :)

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