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Sweetale's K.I.S.S. Challenge

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Keep ISimple, Stupid


I can't remember what coach, teacher or professor I first heard this from, but it's my mantra for this challenge. I liked how my first challenge gave me a place to outline my goals and keep myself accountable. I want to keep up my training and nutrition, but my life is pretty chaotic at the moment, so I am going to keep my goals loose and simple.


Training - Squat 2x per week & Bench 2x per week. I'll be doing accessory lifts and deadlifting when I can. 

Nutrition - Track meals 6/7 days per week and meet the following goals: 

  • 2700-3000 calories
  • 200+ grams of protein
  • 25-30% of my calories from fat


Life Goals

1. Read The Art of Lifting & The Science of Lifting (2 ebooks) by Greg Nuckols and Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

2. Stop biting my finger nails - I'll be taking weekly pictures for myself to track my progress. I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety right now and this is my number one nervous habit that I'm going to kick.

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46 minutes ago, sweetale said:

Keep ISimple, Stupid


One of my Dad's favorite sayings! Here for stronk and simplicity, seems like it's going round this month and I know I could use some inspiration :D 

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I really like your goals! And, yep, one of my favorite sayings that I usually ignore to my detrimant. Will you give reviews of the books? They sound very interesting.

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