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Play Time is Over.


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Play Time is Over.  It's time to stop screwing around and start acting like an adult on a consistent basis, and kicking ass like I've done before, and I know I'm capable of doing again.


Since January of this year I've been... inconsistent at best.  I could make a few excuses(psychological recovery from a breakup, work being super busy, overtraining myself into a bit of Achilles tendinitis), but ultimately that's pretty irrelevant to this topic/challenge.  The point is, the stuff that sidetracked me in the first half of this year is for all practical purposes behind me, so I need to stop making excuses and start kicking ass again.


That's not to say that I've been awful, but I've been performing at a level below what I'm capable of - I've made little/no progress on my thesis, my performance at work has been... good be most people's standards, but below what I know I can do, I've regressed on my running(the tendinitis is a legitimate excuse in this case, but I'm over it now), and my nutrition has been off, such that I'm probably about 8-10 lbs above where I want to be in terms of racing weight - I'm training for a half marathon in October, and each pound is worth a couple seconds per mile, or nearly a half minute in the final time.  At any rate, the goals for this challenge are all about discipline.  I know what I need to do, I just need to do it, and not come up with ways of sidetracking myself.


On the bright side, I just got back from a vacation in Colorado, so I'm mentally recharged and ready to attack this.


So, the goals:

1. Track nutrition and control calories:  This means tracking calories in, activity, and weight on a daily basis, starting tomorrow morning.  The goal here is to drop 1-2 pounds per week; this means somewhere around 2300ish calories per day(I burn 3000 or so depending on activity level; this may increase as I ramp training for my half marathon).  I may need to pause my weight loss/refeed after this challenge since I'm still relatively lean and I don't have a ton to lose, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Goal is to drop 4-5 lbs this challenge, and to be accountable by tracking intake and activity on a daily basis.  This also means posting here on a daily basis to log and keep myself accountable.

1b. Alcohol only on weekends, or special occasions(e.g. we're having a going away party for one of my coworkers this week)


2. Respect my bedtime.  This means no later than 10-10:30 on weeknights, or 9:30-10 if I'm going to try hitting the gym the next morning.  The goal is a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night, preferably closer to 8.  Again, posting for accountability.


3. Work on the damn thesis.  If there's one thing I've sucked at over the past few months, it's this.  The simple rule is this: Minimum of 1 hour of work on the thesis (or PE Exam preparation, if I decide to do that again) in the evening prior to doing computer games or other nonproductive activity, goal of 2 hours per day minimum on weeks, and 10 hours total per week.  Again, posting for accountability.


4. Do the training.  This means ~3x/week lifting, ~4x/week running.  May modify as time goes by, but my general M.O. is not to schedule off days, but to let them sort of happen organically if something comes up(i.e. having to stay late at work, social events, etc.).  This also means I may end up training more in the morning when I know I have conflicts.  Once again, posting for accountability.


5. Get my "What I want my life to look like, and how I'm going to achieve that" list/objectives in writing.  I think I know the answers to this for the most part, but I really need to make it concrete to remind myself what I'm working on, and to begin setting my sights on what I want to do past my thesis.


6. Keep my house clean.  The whole "act like an adult" thing, you know.  This means at least one "check" per week, with basic vacuuming/mopping/dusting/kitchen cleaning should there be a need.

"Restlessness is discontent - and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man-and I will show you a failure." -Thomas Edison

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Day 1:


1. WTF.  I stepped on the scale this morning, and it read 183.  Considering that I was more like 190-191 before my vacation I'm not sure what to make of this, considering that while I was super active I also ate(and drank) a ton.  It may be some strange water retention(or lack thereof) issue, or i may be that I was dehydrated, but I'm not sure.  At any rate, I'm going to continue tracking daily.


2. Calories are a tad over target, around 2600-2700, but still a deficit.  No alcohol consumed.  Not terrible for day 1.


3. Training.  5 Miles, kind of crappy pace.  Still getting back in the swing of things, legs are still recovering from hiking, rock climbing, etc.  Not worried yet.


4. I'm off to do some thesis work.  Next few days I'll be searching/reading literature on sample preparation techniques.


5. Need to go to bed early tonight because I'm hitting the gym early tomorrow due to a softball game after work.  Note to self: don't suck.



"Restlessness is discontent - and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man-and I will show you a failure." -Thomas Edison

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Day 2:


1. Weight bounced back up to 185.  Not surprising.  I generally go by 7-day rolling averages when I look at this stuff anyways, so I'm not too concerned

2. Calories still a tad over target, but definitely at a deficit, around 2500.

3. Sleep.  Didn't get to bed as early as I would have liked last night, but got 7 hours.

4. Got up early and did my upper body work in the gym.  Felt a tad weak, but that may just be from 10 days or so with no strength training and burning a lot of calories(hiking, running).  Also had a softball game after work.  First at-bat, ripped a low line drive, which the shortstop made a spectacular play on to rob me of a hit. :(  Second at-bat, crappy grounder down the third-base line, which equals an infield single when you have the kind of speed I have.  Third at-bat, Blasted a line drive to right-center that went for a double.  All in all a mixed bag at the plate, but our team won easily.  Good game overall.

5. Nutrition.  A little over where I want to be on calories, but still definitely at a deficit - around 2500 calories for the day.  No alcohol consumed.  I'll take it.

6. No early morning tomorrow(I've got a group track workout after work, followed by a going-away party for a couple coworkers), but it's thesis time now!

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"Restlessness is discontent - and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man-and I will show you a failure." -Thomas Edison

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Didn't post yesterday, so here's a 2-for-one special:


1. Weight - 190 Wednesday morning, 187.5 this morning.  We'll see where it settles out. (I hovering around 190-191 before vacation.  Some of the loss will probably be because I'm at a deficit now)

2. Calories - not on target for Wednesday.  Both Wednesday and today were going-away parties for co-workers.  Yesterday I was doing well until a surprise cake showed up.  Ended up at around 3000 calories for the day, which is basically maintenance for a guy my size.  Today I managed to keep things to about 2400 calories, which is pretty damn good considering after work was drinks and heavy bar food at the party.  I basically downed a protein bar before the gathering, had one drink, and dodged the greasy appetizers.  I definitely didn't dodge the alcohol, but the past two days are what I would define as "acceptable exceptions"

3. Sleep - Snagged 7 hours last night despite getting up for a 5:30 AM workout this morning.

4. Wednesday after work I did a speed workout at the track - 6x800m at paces ranging from 6:40 down to 6:15/mile, in hot(but not ludicrously hot) weather, on tired legs.  All in all pretty pleased with the performance.  Got up this morning and did lower body strength work.  Legs were still feeling it, but made it through the workout largely unscathed.

5. Due to the evening events I haven't done a lot on the thesis the previous couple evenings.  Will get back to it tonight.

6. Mini-rant:  The world doesn't get introverts.  After gym workouts Tuesday/Thursday morning, a softball game Tuesday evening, Trivia and a going away party for coworkers on Wednesday(after the track workout), and another going away party tonight, I got flack for not wanting to continue the celebration at a second venue after the main party ended.  I've hardly had an ounce of time to myself the past 3 days, and I'm getting pressured even after going to two parties for the same people on consecutive days?  Clearly someone doesn't get what it's like to be an introvert.  Grr....

"Restlessness is discontent - and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man-and I will show you a failure." -Thomas Edison

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So... haven't been great about updating, but here's a bit of an update. :)


... weight has definitely settled back to something "normal" after vacation - it's been holding at around 188 most mornings, so I think I'm at a stable baseline.  Caloric deficits haven't been quite as large as I've been targeting, but have been 300-400 calories on average, so not terrible.  And I've been nailing the sleep bit.


Workout-wise, I've been hitting them, but fatigue has been an issue; I'm not holding pace as easily as I want on my runs and have been feeling a bit weaker in the gym.  Contemplating whether this is because of the deficit or whether I simply need a couple days off to let my body recover.  Haven't reached a definitive conclusion on this one yet.


I've still been slacking on the thesis work.  Bad me!


That's about it for now.  Work is crazy, and I've been devoting energy there.

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"Restlessness is discontent - and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man-and I will show you a failure." -Thomas Edison

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