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Killing Pigglets


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Surgery done.  Physical Therapy under way.  Boars are too tough right now but if i get them before they grow up then I can still thin the herd. this is not a setback just an alteration of the quest


Collect 50 curly tails


Diet   (Lets clean it up)

  • Eat lunch out only 1 days a week.  
  • Have a beer only 2 days a week. (did well with this last month try and keep it up this month)




  • Continue Physical Therapy exercises throughout the week.


    Work on lower body flexibility 3 times a week


Level Up Your Life 


  • Finish "Level Up your life"


    meditate 3 times a week





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Reading your title I was like ??? Why are we killing piglets? Ah, now I get it , very funny:lol: Looks like a great practical plan. Hope the rehab goes well and your shoulder heals quickly.

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"If more of us valued food and cheer and song, above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world" J.R.R.Tolkien

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With week one done i have found that Im still having the same issue with Beer.  

I have limited my eating out and when i do its usually healthy.  The Beer on the other hand is still bringing me down.  I dont think about it if its not in the house.  Unfortunately my wife is not on board with the no beer in the house experiment. just need to keep at it.


With PT I am healing well.  I am also starting reminders on my phone so that i remember to do the daily PT exercises. 


Its been a lazy week in the life segment.  Dealing with healing up, and work issues, i havent spent much time on myself.  Goal adjustment for this week is to get atleast 2 chapters read by friday in Level up you life.

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Physical theropy is going well.  Started working on some strengthening this week.  I can almost reach the top of the wall ladder while facing forward. For those that dont know the wall ladder is a vertical piece of wood with groves in it that you climb with your fingers, so that you dont use your shoulder muscles, to help regain range of motion. This is a huge improvement form last week when i could only go about halfway up.

My posture is killing me however.  i sit at my desk duing the day all slouched over so by the end of the day everything is stiff and and look like quasimodo "the bells!!!"

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And the weeks continue to roll on.  Yesterday I had the follow up with the surgeon who said I can ween off the sling.  She was amazed at the range of motion i have on that shoulder (she moved it manually, i still dont have the strength to move it in most motions myself). I was also able to hit the max height on the wall ladder and added more strength training to my PT.  

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