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I know I'm a few days late to the party, but I am excited to say that I have entered my first competition. Its called "Strongest Mountaineer" and is on August 28. Its a small thing held by my school and the events are as many GOOD reps at the following body weight percentages.


Squat: 115% (280)

Bench: 100% (245)

Deadlift: 135% (330)

Farmers walk(timed): 75% (185)


I am hoping to drop some extra weight by then, so maybe those numbers will change. 


Now I know y'all are thinking, "WVUengineer, you never told us how you finished up the last challenge". Well let me tell you how.

I did keep a record of every workout I did (+1 WIS +2 STR) and I did get outside every day(+2 CON +1 STA,


I did not check my body fat once a week, I did take a month progress picture though

Front View progress pic (right is before, left is progress)

Side View progress pic


I did not complete every academy module, I did do a few of them though

I did not study for grad school, I did do relevant work though


This challenge is going to focus on preparing for this competition, even though I am going on a vacation with my family and may not have access to a gym, as well as preparing for the start of grad school. The specific challenge goals will follow in the next post once I leave my office





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I think it's rad that your school does a comp like that. Good to see you checking in for another round of training to fight the mountain. 

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@Pat GI've known about it for a few years, but this is my first time actually signing up. 


I know a few days late again, but they have been action packed. I was moving into a 1 bedroom, but my old roommate of the past 5 years needs a roommate to ease the money problems and after analyzing the costs with science. The new place provides much more amenities(pool, ac, washer/dryer, a 5 min bike ride or 20 minute walk to campus) and a sweet retro style for the same exact cost. Sooo I am currently working out that situation, all thats left is finding a subleaser for the one bedroom.


Also yesterday I started my last week (week 9) of the strongman program from the last challenge, it is gona be a strong finish as I set a personal best yesterday of 360 pound squat for 3 reps. That is a 30 pound increase in 6 weeks. The reason this is my last week is the next 2 weeks wont be conducive to the program as I travel. I'm still working out what I am gona do while I am away but I know I will find a way to lift 3 times a week. The program has helped me make serious gains, a friend of mine I hadnt seen in a few months hugged me last friday and said I quote " holy shit! your firm." I felt so good after that, 


So just to say it again, the focus of this challenge is preparing for the competition


So here are my goals for this challenge

1) Lift 3 times a week, focusing on squat, dead lift, bench press, and farmers carry (+3 STR)

2) Go through 1 academy module a day. They are resetting, I'm gonna take the opportunity to have a new start (+1WIS, +1CHA, +1CON)

3)Finish setting up my Raspberry Pi as a game system. I am working on my new hobby of making electronic systems, this is just the first and smallest project (+3 WIS)

4) Limit my drinking on vacation, yes even the wedding. To quantify this no more than 2 drinks if any at the wedding. no more than 1 beer a day if any for other days (+2 CON, +1 STA)

Alcohol=Empty calories + muscle deterioration + hangover + more likely to eat bad = not gainz + performance loss + weight gain

5)Drink 2 liters of water a day. I have been really bad about drinking water recently. Dehydration makes gainz harder to earn. (+2 CON, +1 STR)


Sorry for such a long time between posts. Like I said its been crazy with the moving situation and finishing my internship.

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Friday is here, and with it the end of my internship.... Except they offered to have me back after vacation, and then throughout the year as an hourly worker. 


But there was something even bigger. Yesterday i went to the gym to do some deadlifts. I loaded up 425, repped out 3, threw 10 more pounds on. 435, my previous 1 rep max... Repped out 3. Then I got thinking, what would hafthor do? So i put 10 more pounds on and repped out 3 again. My new deadlift personal record is now 445 for 3 reps! I even took it 1 step further. I didnt drop the weight after i was done. I walked it forward 3 steps to put it on a rack i set up. If letting out a war cry was acceptable at the gym, you would have heard me from miles away.

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So I googled "things that weigh 400 pounds"

1.  55 gallon drum of oil

2.  a sport motorcyle

3.  piano

4.  a welsh pony

5.  a full grown male lion

Now don't go running off to the zoo just yet to test your strength, but that's some serious carrying capacity. 

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