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*looks around* *waves* Hello folks!

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I'm Bruna (though my internet handle has been Arashi for such a long time that I have grown attached to that name as well). I'm new here (doh!) and I'd like to say it's very, very good to be here. I have been browsing the NF site for a few days and signed up for the '3 missions to awesome' emails, and now I joined the forum as well. I'm determined to not be a lurker - I really want to be serious about getting fit and losing weight, and I feel that here I'm surrounded by people who I can relate to.

I used to do gymnastics at middle and high school - though I wasn't a skinny child and teenager, my body was flexible and not bad at all. Then I went to college, and my body improved (being an underpaid, overworked intern has at least one good side), but then I graduated. And didn't find a job for years.

Staying at home with nothing to do wasn't the best thing for my body or mind (though the internet forums helped improve my English, at least). I could have used this time to get fit, but my motivation was inexistent, and when I realized, years had passed and I was 15 kilos heavier. My body didn't feel like my body. It could no longer do cool things. I didn't recognize that girl in the mirror, that girl who lost her breath when she had to climb three flights of stairs.

I tried to 'get fit' sometimes. It always involved a lot of plans, three weeks of walking, and then I was defeated by laziness. And heat. Good God, this city is hot. But mostly laziness.

When I finally got a job, things started to improve. My professional life, at least, is doing well - I'm a journalist and I work for a news agency, and it's a nice job. There is room for improvement, of course, but I have a decent job with a not very bad paycheck, which allowed me to go back to school for a second degree - this time in History. The market can be treacherous, and a teaching degree in History is my back-up plan if things go wrong. Besides, I love History. This whole back-up thing is also a nice excuse to study, which is my favorite thing in the world.

So, academic life is going well. Professional life, too. My relationship with my body... not that well. I gained even more weight since I got this job - spending all day in an office, with a bunch of candies and yummy treats in the drawers does that to you. Besides, I go to college in the mornings and then work until 8 or 9PM. Not easy to find time to exercise - no 24 hour gyms in my neighborhood. Not that I am a fan of the gym.

So last year, when I reached 82 kilos, I said 'well, old girl, you'd better do something about this body now. No excuses allowed'.

I started Pilates in December. I do it twice a week and I love it. I am enjoying exercise for the first time in this century and it's a wonderful, wonderful feeling. And though I have been feeling stronger and people have said I'm looking better, I'm not actually losing any weight. Why? Because it's exercise, not a magic wand. As I've read here on NF, you can't outrun your fork, and mine is very active.

In the past two months, I went from 82 to 80 kilos, but that's not nearly enough. I'm 5'1" - I'm way too short for this weight. And I'm determined to not only lose weight, but get back that body that could do great things. I want to feel like my body is mine, you know. I want to hike and swim and dance and run after my dogs. I want resistance, flexibility, strength, speed. And I am finally serious about this. I don't want to be defeated by laziness, heat, final exams, back ache, or any sort of excuse.

I will continue with the Pilates because I love it to pieces - and it was hard to find a studio that had classes in the few free hours I have in the mornings. But I have three more free hours in the mornings that I can use to run, which I love but am not nearly fit enough to do, so I'm just walking so far. And I have included a bit of yoga as well.

Well, that's me and my plans! Like I said, it's good to be here, I've been reading some of the posts and they are full of interesting tips and stories. I hope to learn a lot and make friends here (and level up, of course).

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Welcome Bruna!! I'm a short girl, too - it's so difficult to be overweight and short because every little bit shows up.

With your busy schedule, it's great you're finding time to do something active that you love. As for the food - that's where I'm at, too. All the exercise in the world isn't going to negate the crap I'm putting into my body. Blech!

Keep on posting :)


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Yes! When you're short, every extra pound looks like a neon sign on your body. So unfair.

Thank you, I'm determined to stay here and learn as much as I want! I arrived just in time for the six-week challenge and I'm already thinking of goals.

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