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my full Bodyweight program criticize it please :)

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Hey, i'm salah 22 years old 1m81cm 74kg


I like dancing, i did 2 years of capoeira and since i get crazy about mouvement :)


I want to master some breakdance move like flare and airflare


So my GOALS :


master handstand perfectly

master the planche

master l-sit

master flying dragon

master the muscle up to muscle over

airflare and flare


my training :


I'm usually doing handstand and frogstand almost everyday and i'm walking on my hand at least 4 time a week


I also made my own body weight training, it's working, i get fit , but sometimes i think there is better way to get to my goals so here it is


(i'm not doing each time so much things in my training, i was really motivated, it's my full body workout, i did some abs and core too but i didn't count the reps neither the time)




FitNotes Workout - Tuesday 26th July 2016


** Push Up Standard feet on a table**

- 12 reps

- 12 reps

- 12 reps


** half Handstand Push Up **

- 6 reps

- 6 reps

- 6 reps


** Push up Weighted **

- 35.0 kgs x 2 reps


** Push Up Archer **

- 15 reps

- 13 reps

- 13 reps


** Squat Weight **

- 55.0 kgs x 7 reps

- 55.0 kgs x 8 reps


** Pull Up Standard **

-9 reps

-11 reps

-9 reps

-9 reps

-9 reps


** Dips One Bar **

- 7 reps

- 7 reps

- 8 reps


** home made biceps curl **

left arm

- 6 reps

- 5 reps

right arms

- 6 reps

- 5 reps




thanks for reading/helping guys

( i'm french so if i made some mistakes in english i'm sorry o/)

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