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okay so I seem to be a bowser at posting here. I get onto something and then get sick of if real fast. I have been working out amazingly well and my diet is a lot better. But being part of a challenge and sticking to posting daily will help.

note just edited my goals. i'm busy at the moment and going to stick to attainable goals that can get me where i want, but not struggle or fall off the band wagon in the middle of it.

Goal1. workout 5 days a week

Goal 2. one protein shake and one salad daily.

Goal 3. study daily

Currently I am 157 lbs and 39.8% body fat.

I am a slow loser and I am going to concentrate on being healthier rather than the scale . Note went from jeans size 12 to now 8 being kinda baggy :)

I am doing my medical licens exams and I have been procastinating

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so, i injured my right foot somehow jogging too much i guess. spent this weekend recuperating. anywho

recently i discovered, taking every ingredient of veggie pasta (minus the pasta) is YUMMY. tastes like pasta, and feels like it's a treat that you are getting away with, but lets you get in so many veggies and very few carbs. going to attempt to eat this more often.

i am going to try and work on my eating habits. they are very good 5/7 days but i need them to be better all the time now.

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