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I have been running for over a year now, and have run in a bunch of races. After most runs, I love the feeling of the endorphins and the runners high, and am so glad that this is a form of exercise I've stuck with. I love taking part in races, and find the rush, excitement, and energy of big races to be really uplifting. So running is definitely something I'm glad I was introduced to. 


But for some reason, every time I need to get myself outside to actually go run, it's a huge mental battle. For some reason, I just have this huge feeling of dread and have to push myself to actually go out and start running. This is something I experienced from the very beginning, but have over the last year gotten used to fighting against. I'm currently training for my second ever half marathon, so I'm not exactly pushing myself further distance-wise, but for some reason I'm still feeling this dread. Even for distances as small as 5 miles (which used to be huge for me, but in the grand scheme of a half marathon training plan, is definitely on the smaller side). 


Does anyone else experience this, and have any advice for getting over it permanently? I want to just run and love running, but this constant mental battle and dread just seems to be something I can't shake off. 


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I've been running for almost five years now, and I still fight that battle every once in a while. The vast majority of the time, though, I really do want to get up and go get my run in. The dirty trick is, of course, even when I'm dreading it, I'm over it within five minutes once I get out there.


Couldn't tell you where the change happened exactly, but I think it had something to do with the injuries I started having. Once I was fully enjoying the benefits of running, I felt worse about missing a run than I ever felt before starting one. And then once I got grounded for one injury or another, being unable to run was torturous.


Which is psychotic, really, especially this time of the year, where the heat is so oppressive, and I still can't wait to get out and run, and feel all out of sorts if I don't run. But there it is.

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One of my favorite bloggers, Beth Ridson from ShutUpAndRun.net has a rule. If you don't want to run, go out and run for 10 minutes. If you still don't feel like it, go ahead and stop. I do it a lot and have yet to stop after 10 minutes.

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First, congratulations on finding running, and on your success so far. Running a half marathon is no small feat.


Can you say a bit more about the feelings of dread you get? What is it you dread exactly, and how does it feel? What are you afraid of, do you think? Does it go away once you're out and running?


I sometimes get the "lazies" - can't be bothered, too cold/hot/rainy outside etc. I also used to get the first kilometre panics, when I'd worry that I was feeling too tired too soon before I found my proper running rhythm. Sometimes I worry about hurting, and not wanting to hurt (not getting injured, just of how it feels when I'm pushing myself). At the start of my long slow run, I try to imagine the end of it and get a bit of a sinking feeling about the distance I have to run - I'll be running the other way along the same route, in a couple of hours time, and it seems a lifetime away! I do feel apprehensive sometimes before running club training, because I know I'm going to be pushed hard.


But none of these things are dread, I don't think....


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I get the same dread pattern, not with running, but with writing. It's the same pattern - I can get absorbed when I start, and then I love it, but actually starting is a struggle.


Maybe I need to employ the same approach as for running - I go out for a run at the same time every week. Only illness, injury, emergency or VERY bad weather will stop me. If I don't feel like a full run, I can just do a little and stop (as Dilnad mentions) but (as he also mentions) it seldom stops there.

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