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Everone can just relax. I'm here!

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Hey everyone, I'm not much for long introductions but I've got something to say.

Let's take a quick flash back to New Years... I awake to the new year just as many others typically do. Hungover or maybe still drunk even.. My body hurt inside and out. outside, due to the exciting idea to compete in "Backyard Marathon" which was drunkenly thought up only 2 blocks into our journey home. The idea, to be the first to make it home avoiding as many roads or sidewalks as possible. I hurt inside from way to much to drink, about a pack of cigarettes, and 2 New York style pizzas from the popular after bar pizza shop.

As I stumbled into the bathroom I had an epiphany. This wasn't the life I wanted. I was 50lbs over weight, and nearly no muscle strength. I felt like I was slowly killing myself. So I set forth to change it.. This just wasn't some new years resolution BS. I mean, let's be honest here. How many of those people stick to the whole "I wanna get in shape this year?"

Not knowing much I walked into my local fitness center. Got a membership and a personal trainer and started the next day. Now, 2 month in I've lost 18lbs, lowered my body fat by 4%, and have incredible increased my strength, and endurance abilities.

I think I've found a good place here, and I think I'm going to stay awhile.

Transformassacre Challenge

Current Goal: Weigh in at 200lbs or lower by May 2nd

Current Specs: 205lbs, ?? body fat (April 12th 2012)

Long term Goal:

-Meet a body fat percentage of 10% or lower by Sept 1st

-Be able to finish

Tough Mudder on Sept 8th

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