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Favorite movements (design your WOD)

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Hi guys, 


I had a great workout yesterday and realized that I just plain love carrying weird sh*t. I was also relieved that there were no  HSPUs. It got me thinking - What are your favorite movements? Oly lifts? Gymnastic moves? Anything that destroys your core? if you were going to combine them into a WOD, what  would it look like?

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Things I can't do yet: Ring Muscle Ups, Handstand Walk

Things I suck at: Gymnastics on a bar (pullups, T2B etc), Sprinting

Meh: Situps, Pushups, Wall Balls, Wall Walks, Plank, Dips, Running, Rowing, Lunges, Crawls, Box Jumps, Kettlebell moves (swings, cleans, snatches, deadlifts, windmills, TGUs etc)

Grey area: I was recently able to properly do DUs during a workout. Love the rope

Hell yeah: Low rep high&volume Oly lifts, HSPUs, Burpees (I know), Sandbag carry, Thrusters, Rope Climbs, Tire Flips, Man Makers


Looking at the above, it's no surprise I'm into OCRs; running from station to station for all sorts of odd object moves, climbs, crawls, atlas stone lifts and assorted burpee penalties. My dream WOD would be a "mini OCR" with a mix of all my favorite moves and running or another type of MetCon (DUs or burpees most likely) inbetween.


If we were to take into account space limitations, it would have to be something suited to a more confined area, such as a CF box. If all of the above plus love of burpees haven't already pointed out the madness within, I have this twisted love of long endurance WODs so mine would look something like this


3 Heavy Power Snatches

6 Heavy Overhead Squats

9 Burpees over bar

12 HSPUs

Every 5' pause the clock, draw a card from a standard deck and do 5 reps of Thrusters for Spades, Rope Climbs for Diamonds, Tire Flips for Swords and Man Makers for Hearts


In all honesty, 16.5 is as close as an official WOD has ever struck to my heart :angel:

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I, too, like a good odd object carry. I don't get to do those nearly as often as I like, though. 


Movements I love: Double unders, kettlebell swings, snatches

Movements I like: Wall balls, cleans, pull-ups, 

Movements I hate: unassisted ring dips, thrusters, pike pushups


Actually, I did a WOD earlier this week that I really enjoyed: 



25 Double unders

25 air squats

25 kettlebell swings @ 53 lb


Weirdly enough, I also kind of enjoy Murph. I've done it twice since Memorial Day, getting a PR on the second time. I'm aiming to do it with a weight vest next Memorial Day! 

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