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Aynons will be done challenge

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Think this is going to be a bit rough.....but its gonna happen. I revised a bit from my battle log post but not much.

Week 1.

Push ups 10 before bed, 10 after I wake up.

Military press....

40lb, 60lb, 100lb. 3x10

Week 2.

Start intermittent fasting

Dead lifts....100, &125lbs 10x10

Curls 40lb. 5x10

Week 3 

Squat week....still no bar

Front loaded 40lb, & 60lb..

Week 4

Dumbell curl...20lb 10x20

25lb 5x20

Curl bar...

40lb 5x20

60lb 5x15

100lb 5x10

Stop intermittent fasting..

So again thats it its a bit revised figured for this round.

Last but not least a goal intertwined through the weeks quit smoking. It's my biggest even if I were to fail at my others I.cant fail at this one.....it needs to happen.




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Just a heads up, buddy.  This challenge ends today.  When the new challenge forum opens up tomorrow, just copy and paste this into a new thread there.  


Also quitting smoking is tough.  Do you have any partial goals? Smoke less than x times per day, don't smoke between certain hours, try a particular quit method?

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@GrymmI know it ended today I posted for the next one lol...a.d.d little rambunctious I guess. The partial is to cut back through the challenge and be done with it by the end. Ive been smoking to long and tried to quit many times iveI'had some support but I get very um ...well...difficult during a quit and usually give in to save people from myself. Hopefully with the working out it will get out all of that and I'll make it.

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