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Cannonfury's 2016 Internet, eating, and exercise log

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I have been struggling a long time with self-discipline and computer addiction (which increases my body’s feeling of weakness and tiredness). I make plans all the time to do better, I make lists almost every day of things to do but I never follow through. I have made many challenges but failed, it's a cycle of overeating-computer addiction-body fatigue(from just sitting, and being out of shape) I want to change, I want to do better. Instead of doing challenges, I want to do a log for the rest of 2016, which is of changing habits.


This log will initially be for August 15th 2016-January 20th 2017



I will log: 

Computer time

Food (and how many servings)


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1. For computer time I would say I did fair. I did not get on until 3:30. I would say up to right now, I spent about 5 hours online today. 

along with 30 minutes or so of tv time


2. For lunch I had a grilled chicken sandwich with fries and green beans. I also had 16 oz of sweet tea with it.


for dinner I had rice with beef/chicken kebab and yogurt...with 16 oz of sweet tea.


I had 16 oz of water today


3. No exercise today but I did do some garden work plus walk a bit more since I was not at the computer so early like usual. 

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Today I would say I spent about 4 hours on the computer and 3 for tv. 



I had for lunch a chicken sandwich, with a small portion of fries...and 16 oz of water

Dinner I had rice, yogurt, with baked chicken...and 12 oz of sweet tea. 


I did eat a bit of leftover kebab(no rice) between lunch and dinner. 


No exercise today, I intend to start that in the morning. 

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Today I did sadly overeat but unlike other days where I failed with eating I will post what I had


cheeseburger and fries with 16 oz 2% milk

spaghetti (2 servings)

20 oz of water

another 16 oz of 2% milk

cane of coke. 

I woke up kind of congested, and when I am congested I have a can of coke (it helps break the junk up)



Internet time was a fail too, I would say about 5 hours of computer and 3 television. 



I felt bad all day today, which is why I overate and did not exercise. 

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