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30 min jog


Wide Chin Ups 3x5

Dips 3x10

Pull Ups 3x5,4,3


Push Ups 3x20,20,15

Sit Ups 3x20,15,10


Well getting ready for the AF PT test again this year in Dec. These are the minimums and I always stress until I review them then look at my normal workout. lol


Minimum for (40-49 yr); I am 42 this year. :)
Run: 14:52
Waist Measurement: 39 in
Push Ups: 21
Sit Ups: 34


These are my last year scores to beat!

2017 Year Scores

Run: 12:03

Waist: 36

Push Ups: 44

Sit Ups: 45

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Wide Chin Ups 3x5

Dips 3x10

Pull Ups 3x5,4,3


Did the last part in kind of a mock AF PT Test and still trying to get my workout. It made it harder since I still did the first part of my workout. 

Push Ups 3x36,15,10

Sit Ups 3x40 (AF Style),10,5


3.01 mi at 33:49 min (1st mile 9:11 up hill)




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Well did my PT test didn't fail but didn't pass either. I did 45 Push Ups and 43 Sit ups. During the run I pulled my calf muscle, so I had to quit running. Doc said it was pulled and bruised really bad. Doc pretty much told me to stretch more because I am not as young as I used to be. So that is a bummer.


Getting older sucks! lol


Wide Chin Ups 3x5,5,5

Dips 3x10

Pull Ups 2x5,3


Push Ups 3x25,15,10

Sit Ups 4x36,25,10,5


So just taking it easy on my leg for it to heal. Then they are going to reschedule the test. :(


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