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Keifer's Daily Battles

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20 kg DB KB Clean 4x5

20 kg DB KB Squats 4x5

20 kg DB KB Rows 4x5

28 kg KB Swings 5x10

Close Hand Push Ups 2x5 (Kept at middle of my chest to minimize top of my shoulder.)

Sit Ups 3x20,15,10


Shoulder Issue:

Couple weeks ago Doc said it wasn't joint issue. Pulled a muscle on the outside top of the it. I still feel the awkward and dull uncomfortable feeling. So just taking it easy on it.

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It is doing ok. It is uncomfortable and concerning when it gets to about 90%. I still have a good range of motion other than that. I am taking it easy don't want to over extend it. I am doing unweighted pressing exercises to get the blood flow to help it heal.

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