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Keifer's Daily Battles

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24 kg DB KB Clean 3x5

24 kg DB KB Squats 3x5

24 kg DB KB Rows 3x5


It was a crazy day at work. So energy levels are low, taking it easy.  I did get in like pull ups at work. (peer pressure lol)


Didn't feel bad at all. Lets see how sore I am tomorrow. lol


Pull Ups 2x5

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Doing body weight squats today. Funny story if you do pull ups on a door way pull up bar. It may come off and you fall on your ass. lol Yea we had one at work and I feel from the top of a pull up and landed on my hip. Reminds me if you in your 40s you don't bounce like you used too.


KB Ladders

3 Rungs

24 kg DB KB Clean/Press

BW Squats

24 kg DB KB Rows



Close Hand Push Ups 3x10

Sit Ups 3x20,15,10

Push Ups 2x10

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10/20 Sunday at drill


Organized fun at 0600 this drill. We did type of four corners type of exercise on teams.


On a running track with exercises at one end of the track with 4 stations.


1st station

Sit Ups or Supermans

2st station

Squats or Mountain climbers

3nd station

Planks or Push Ups

4rd station

Squat Jumps or Jumping Jacks


Sprinting between stations and one lap around the track after 4 stations. We did this for 30 min session.

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