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Keifer's Daily Battles

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After been sick for about a week or so back to the grind stone. :(


Pull Ups 3x6,4,3
Dips 2x10
20 kg DB Ladder 4 Rungs
DB KB Clean/Press
DB KB Squats
DB KB Rows
DB KB Sumo Squats
20 kg KB Snatches 2x5
Push Ups 4x20,10,10,5
Sit Ups 3x20,15,10,10
Ab Wheel 2x10,5

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Do you not like running in the dark? It'll be a while before you're outside again.
I run on a county road and too many creatures to watch out in dark with no street lights. I am going to try to run at work since they give me time to exercise. I just need to make myself and not stress about work.

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