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Okay, nerds. This wandering Monk is swingin with the Adventurers this round - I've fallen in love with climbing and it'll probably be all I talk about in here (next to food). In addition to my challenge, I'm also going to try to lift and attend yoga, but Imma also try to keep things simple... So...



1. Rock climb and boulder at least 3x/week.

  • Currently the hardest wall I can send is a 5.7, and I still can't cover any of the bouldering routes at my gym

2. Estimate and track daily calories, aim for 2400/day. I'll be taking screenshots of MFP at the end of everyday. Also going to be trying to follow this meal plan I made for myself as best as I can, and keep grocery spending at max. 100$/week (for both my mom and I). Ideally, my goal is to gain some muscle but even if I just maintain my weight, I'm happy.

3. Mobility work on all "rest" days (yoga counts)

4. Study one hour each day! Either for Personal Training certification and/or for GRE.

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Welcome to the Adventurers, enjoy your time with us! 


And that cookie crunch mocha sounds excellent, do you have a recipe for this?

I'm more than adequate. Leave Kanye out of this. 

Profile picture credit : NF's resident super artist - NinjaKitten

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On 8/16/2016 at 3:54 AM, deftona said:

Welcome to the Adventurers, enjoy your time with us! 


And that cookie crunch mocha sounds excellent, do you have a recipe for this?

It is really just 1 scoop of chocolate protein (Mine just happens to be Chocolate Cookie Crunch from Pro Jym protein) and cold brew coffee! I didn't make it properly this morning since I forgot to make cold brew yesterday but it wasn't as good as I had hoped... vanilla protein works so much better IMO. Thanks for the welcome! :)



1. Climbed 2/3 days so far this week. Next date will be Sunday.

2. Bulking sucks. I am hating it. Monday was a test run and I was at about 1500 calories maybe... so I'm making progress. But holy crap, the feeling of being full all the fucking time is pretty awful. I can't wait for my body to adjust.
                Tuesday = 2290 cal.
                Wednesday = 2046cal.
                Thursday = 1907cal.

3. Some mobility work done on legs and back, and hip flexors. Only one day though. 

4. No progress. This will probably be null for week 0.


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