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Get up and Go! (Drive that vibe)


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Okay - our challenge is inspired this month by someone who called me a Go-Getter last week at work.  I was floored.  I see myself as lazy, unmotivated, undedicated and uninspired.  Someone who lets life happen to them and then hides most of the time.  It opened my eyes to see that someone thought of ME as a go-getter! 

It also made me think - hey, what if they are right?  What have I been doing that would lead someone to see that from the outside?

  • I workout 4 mornings a week BEFORE I go to work (or play on Sat) 
  • I am practicing a new language daily (Spanish on Duolingo and attempting reading books in Spanish)
  • I show up at work daily either early or on time (not several hours late like some folks) AND I work all day, not leaving early
  • I see my horse 3-4 times a week after work
  • I am read a lot - work and non-work related because I enjoy learning
  • I just picked up a new second job as an adjunct college professor


Lets be honest here - it's that last one that impressed people.  Heck, I'm impressed too!  And excited and nervous.  So let's pull up our big-person panties and get going!

Goals this challenge:

  • Per request of the husband - continue to simplify by removing 2 items per day from the household.
    • I kept this one up during the week off - I am at over 80 items removed
  • Decrease swearing in places other than my own house
  • Spend time each week prepping to teach
  • Use that Bullet Journal to stay on track
  • Join and progress in the NF flexibility challenge
  • Do the Darebee daily challenge (85%)
  • Duolingo daily

That's all I'm going to commit to this round as I really want to commit to doing my best to teaching.  It's a nice balance between lifestyle and fitness.


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Thanks all!  So far, so good on this round.  I am doing Duolingo daily, removing items from the house and prepping to teach.  I signed up for NF Flexibilty challenge, but no info yet.


@Owlet The horse is doing okay - she is working on her diva attitude again.  We are in discussions.




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@Bookish Badger No foot stomping that day, but she does look quite pleased with herself doesn't she.  I wanted you to see her devious diva side!


I guess this is as good time as any for an update as well.  I was trying to make the daily dares on Darebee my new fitness habit (one of the quests on NF).  These things are HARD people!  I did 66% this week (4 out of 6) and it included 100 jumping jacks, 30 jump squat (NOPE), and up/down planks.  I'm still glad I added them to my challenge this month because it gives me an added difficulty in fitness, but they are a bit harder than I thought they would be!


I am still doing my Duolingo daily, but have almost forgot a couple times - when is this going to be a habit?  I have also cut down the swearing which is good and I have continued to remove at least 2 items a day from the house. 


I will start working on the flexibility challenge this weekend.  Keep on going peoples!

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Howdy NF peeps.  Sooooo, I had a set back.  There is something wrong with one of my internal organs or pieces of internal organs - who knows!  No one yet.  I have been in really bad pain for over a week now - hmmmm, might be 10 days.  Anyway, it has required a CT scan, blood work, and doctor visits with no concrete results.  The good news my kidneys and liver are fine!  The bad news - no one has a clue what is wrong.  So all of this is requiring me to eat a completely fat free diet.  Do you know how many foods have fat in them?  SO MANY! 


I have literally only been able to take in between 300-800 calories daily.  I mean, I'm trying, but its tough.  So I'm dragging - I've missed workouts, I'm tired, ok, this sounds suspiciously like whining now.  I wasn't posting this for sympathy - just an update.


Goals this challenge - I was doing well with the Darebee, but due to current circumstances have stopped that in favor of sticking to my regular workouts.  I have missed a couple of those, but I'm going to say that is okay.  I also have not worked on flexibility since this happened, but again, going to go with that's cool.


I am over the 100 mark with items removed from our house.  It's quite neat AND I resisted buying so much stuff now!  Simplification moves on!

I have increased my vocabulary past four letter verbiage and am using the Bullet Journal to keep myself organized.  I am doing Duolingo daily as well.


The teaching thing - ahhhhh, a total time suck.  This is taking a lot of my time right now.  Hopefully it will get easier but it's quite hard to prep a 3 hour lecture from scratch.  I was led to believe I would not have to be prepping from scratch...sigh.


As I look at this, I can see I'm not as far behind in the challenge as I thought.  That's kind of a relief.  Okay, back to preparing lectures! 



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I'm so sorry to hear that you're in pain and no one knows why yet! At least they know some of what it isn't, so that'll help narrow things down. 


It's good to hear that you keep trooping with the parts of the challenge you can still do, especially the declutter project. And prepping three-hour lectures weekly - that's a full time job right there. 


Keep up the good work and heal soon!

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"'It's time for a few small repairs,' she said." - Shawn Colvin



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I did not realize how long it was since I posted!  Yikes.  Still having issues with pain/eating and didn't even realize the challenge ended and a new one began!


The house does look different @Owlet  We are enjoying it.  And thanks for the support @Bookish Badger and @Owlet.  Still don't know what is wrong (4 weeks today) and I've lost a bit of weight doing this (not the way to do it folks!) but I'm determined to get back to what I want to do.  



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