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Elk - Finding balance, and processing emotion


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Okay, so things have been MAJORLY stressful this summer. Sudden-and-unexpected-death-of-a-young-person level of stressful. 


So, you know, often, healthy habits fall to the wayside during these times. Which is what happened to me. 




After this big ol' storm, I'm hoping to find some balance again. Processing emotions has always been a challenge for me, so I'm particularly focused on yoga/meditation.


I may not update much during the first week, since the memorial is on Tuesday, and afterwards I'll be heading off to visit my Dad in my hometown until Sunday.


Alright, let's go~~~!


Goal 1: Yoga and meditation.

Work inwards to find calmness and strength.

How: a yoga video every day. If I don't have time (i.e. when visiting family/attending the memorial), I'll do a 5-minute meditation and see how I feel after that. On the ideal day, I'll do both, but one or the other is considered a success! ^^


Goal 2: Healthy food. 

Healthy food makes for a happy Elk!

How: Start packing salads for lunch again. Cook one new recipe from my simple meals cookbook per week (excepting first week). May add more to this later, depending on how things go~


Goal 3: Drop fears and attachments, through reflection and small, concrete goals.

Work on recognizing the things I am attached to. The things I am afraid to do, or to live without. 

How: Identify one thing per week, reflect on how it influences my life, then make a goal to change it. For each day of the week, make one subgoal to help me achieve this.

Week 1: The fear of taking space. I tend to repress my emotions so as not to inconvenience other people, and to bite my tongue when I have my own preferences, even when these "preferences" are very important to my life goals, mental wellness and all-around health. Time to work on that!


Goal 4: Continue learning Polish.

Work on learning my partner's native language, for when we go to live in Poland. ^^

How: Duolingo every day (2 courses), and do one Polish lesson on Polishpod101.com per week (again, excluding first week).


Bonus Goal:

Do creative stuff! Draw, sing, etc. ^^

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