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Casbin - trying another angle (5th challenge?)


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Hi again,


I had initially planned to set this up yesterday and start on Sunday for a change but somehow I forgot.

Big surprise this is not exactly a perfect start but it will be getting better.


Last Challenge wasn't too great but I'm getting there.


For my overall goals:

  I want to work my way up to 80kg

  run a 10k in <1h

  catch up with my Paperwork and apply for a new job.


For this Challenge I will:


   eat 5 meals a day                            5 Points (a fruit or snack will be sufficient)

   drink less then 7 coffee/day            3 Points

   keep a footlog every day                 1 Point

   attend fitnessclass 2/week               2 Points

   do 1 Zombies 5k day/week               3 Points

   Go for a walk every day                   7 Points

   10 min. selfcare a day (anything)     3 Points


This is practically ´what I attempted last month but on a smaller scale.

To pass a topic I will need at least 50%, 75% will  unlock loot (to be determined) and escalation for the next Challenge.


Well, I think that should cover it for now.

I hope you are off for a good start


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It's Tuesday allready, time for a first update.

I will be keeping things short here and cover a bit more in the battlelog (hopefully by tomorrow night).



   3 meals

   5 cups of coffee

   foodlog, yap

 10 min. Selfcare happened

  30 min. walk in the evening


  5 meals (but 2x 1 Fruit)

  5 cups of coffee

  foodlog, happened

  10 min. selfcare, on the second

  2x 5 min. walk



  5 meals

  =6 coffee

  foodlog is still happening

  first workout (BBWW as fitnessclass is still on summerbreak) done even thought a friend was here when I came home and just left. YES

  3x 5 min. walk

  10 min. selfcare worked out fine


So much for the sheer facts.


9 hours ago, Myrdinn said:

Hey man


Good that you've thought about your overall goals as well as the short-term ones, these all sound sensible and achievable. Hope it's going well so far.


Thanks, I just wouldn't get anywhere without a kind of inspiration what it's good for.

 There were some little bumps on the road due to bad planning but it's getting better with every hour.


7 hours ago, Neeko said:

I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew with my challenges, it's good you've been able to scale yourself back. I'm looking forward to watching you succeed this challenge! :)


Thanks, that's exactly what happened to me with my Challenges so far, I kind of hope that it's gonna be a bit better with the academie as a reference.

And I will be working on the success part ;)

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Whoops, the week flew by.


Here is another overview of this week.



6 meals

6 coffee

5 min. walk



6 meals

6 coffee

5 min. walk



5 meals

6 coffee

missed my walk



4 meals - miss

4 coffee!!!

walked (I'm giving this a pass, as I've been walking up and down in our garden for quite a while)

Did my first academy workout


Foodlog and Selfcare have been working just fine.


This feels like a good start, I will give myself a couple of hours to wrap my head around it and come back to you for a summary.


I hope you can enjoy the waether just as much as I do


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I really fell off the wagon this time around.


Eating habits went back to default (2 meals of what ever is handy).

I think coffee was ok for the most part.

Fitness, that worked just fine, Fitnessclass is back (but I will need some more time to the extra day) AND I went for my 5k training every weekend.

Also realised that my eating choices got considerably better, another win.


Well then, I'll be off to prepare the next attempt by sunday.




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What is the difference between 5 meals and 2 meals... is it just that you can't eat enough in one sitting?


Hope you get your diet in shape, it sounds like you are making progress.

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thanks for stopping by (and making me realise that I utterly forgot about my signature).


The basic idea was to get me to eat regularly rather then whenever I got hungry enough to actually realise it.

Another side was that I just can't make myself eat more then abit over a thousand calories in one sitting but I burried that idea for a while until I manage to enjoy the eating and process more and get back to it eventually instead of forcing myself through a grind over and over.


I did make progress but it is slowly getting more fun at the moment.



Casbin (I'll be off and work on that signature for a bit)

Challenge: 0.1, 12, 3, 4, 5th, current (lost track)


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