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Hello, i'm not new to NF per se, since i've been on my journey for four weeks now, but I recently fell off the wagon with school starting back up and falling back into my old ways.  Mostly the latter has caused the falling off.  So I thought I will start again...a restart.  I won't to complete something in my life for once, and really feel proud and not care what is thought of me or who knows.  That's why i'm here.  to find my support and accountability and be the same to fellow rebels.  I tried the facebook group, both the lbgtqiaa/male...didn't go to well.  So ill try my hand with the forums and journaling.


It's a please to meet everyone.

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Welcome to NF, just a quick note though, EVERYONE falls from that wagon at some time or other, the difference in people who succeed or fail is whether or not they get back on. Seems you decided to get back on! :applouse:


School can be hard, but just start with baby steps, just do what you can handle at the time. Building good habits takes time, but starting small and slowly building on those habits sees success.


Good Luck with your journey.

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Wait! What............?

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Thank you so much. Yeah I really like this program it's fun and has a great foundation. I want to see this through. You're right, I'm going have to be mindful to take baby steps especially when it gets tough. Thanks again for the encouragement.

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