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My to-do list.

To be completed, in no particular order, between now and estimated date of expiry sometime around the year 2070.



- Become light enough to fit a wetsuit designed for a 5ft 3 woman

- Snorkel in the sea

- See a basking shark

- Build something useful out of beach litter

- Build something beautiful out of beach litter

- Learn to SCUBA dive

- Get a dry suit

- Train for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team

- Go to another country, at all

- Deadlift your own body weight

- Hold a plank for two minutes

- See the Christmas market in Munich

- Visit the Medieval market in Turku like I promised a friend way back in 2008

- Sell a painting

- Paint a stormy sea from life instead of my imagination

- Finish reading Moby Dick

- Build a weaving loom

- Learn to weave wool

- Knit a sock

- Knit two socks that just about match

- Give socks to someone who needs socks

- Squat your own body weight

- Build a canoe

- Learn how to paddle a canoe

- Do something useful with your ability to SCUBA dive

- Teach someone else how to knit

- Dive somewhere in Cornwall

- Snorkel somewhere along the North West Highland snorkel trail

- Go to another continent, at all

- Do something useful with your ability to lift your own body weight

- Learn how to paint realistic rain

- Go to a marine science conference

- Plant an apple tree, and keep it safe

- Work out a way to turn non-recyclable takeaway cups into something actually useful, instead of pencil holders

- Go north of Aviemore

- See the fairy pools on Skye

- Walk the West Highland Way

- Go back to Breachacha bay armed with gardening gloves and a trailer; remove all of that washed up fishing gear

- Make Christmas chutney from apples grown on my apple tree

- Cook Christmas dinner for my family

- Take out life insurance.



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