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Chen Wangting - Getting back on the horse...

Chen Wangting

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"The monastry door opens a bit and through slips a student who hasn't been seen for a while by the other monks. He roamed the lands for while and he looks slighty bruised like life happend to him a few times. But he has a warm smile on his face and seems happy that he is home again. He gets back to his usual spot in the yard and starts training his forms again."


After a skipped challenge i'm trying get back on track. I want to do the following:

Each Day:

* get to bed before 12 am.

* sleep 7 hours

* drink two litres of water

* meditate ten minutes


Each week:

* Finish 3 academy quests

* Write a summary on sunday





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Glad to be back:

The first week was not successful challenge wise. But had a good workout.

Monday i went to regular taiji training. Some of us take part in a tournament in hamburg in september. So we had some prep for this.

Tuesday i visited some Bagua Guys. They have an open training session we you can come in and train together across art boundries. We grappled for a while. It was fun.

On wednesday i checked out the bjj class in a local, small mma gym. (Turns out a guy who lives in my street is the owner and head coach. They also do Karate and Muay Thai. And they are a really friendly bunch). Got my but handed to me pretty good. I'm thinking about joining but I'm worried about overcommitting as i don't want to abondon taiji and work on a side project. On Thursday we had our regular open taiji training. Me and another guy were at a sanshou/sparring seminar the weekend before and put grappling gloves on and played around a bit. Propably looked a bit goofy, but we are learning and trying things out. This thursday another dude wants to join. Hopefully this grows...


And the weekend i was totally exhausted and cancled a lot of stuff. Had a good time with friends and could relax a bit.


Don't really have solid data. I drank a lot of water. So the goal was propably reached. Sleept terrible and late because of the summer heat and failed to meditate. I will do better this week.


Could complete the first batcave quest from  the academy. It's about to make changes to your environment to improve eating our working out. Made the following changes:

* Stored a stack of fruits and nuts at my workplace. To not go home insanely hungry and eat crap on the way.

* Stored everything to make tea at my workplace. So i can avoid the toxic sludge aehm the coffee....

* I improvised something to do inverted rows in my bedroom and so i don't have to use the coffee table.



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On 24.8.2016 at 0:09 AM, Lou_be_Lou said:

YAY for being back - I'll be looking in on you and cheering you on!

Your goals look doable (though I always struggle with everyday - most days yes, everyday, if I miss one my head misbehaves........).  How're you allowing for exceptional circumstances????


Go do that thing!

Welcome and thanks for the support! :-) I try to do at least one thing daily and work my way up. So i try to dring enough water and to get some decent sleep. Thats the baseline.

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Sounds like a good baseline.  Though decent sleep is sometimes such an elusive goal....... 

For me the following works:

1. The Room as dark as possible

2. No screens for about an hour before bed

2.1 Or at least using some Apps like flux or twilight.

3. I'm the most refreshed when get to bed before 11 pm.

4. I need around seven hours. I wake up by myself after that time.

But i works doesn't mean that i do it consistently. Shitty habits...

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I mean, you do the best you can with what you got. And sometimes you don't get hard data points to look at and say that it was good. Sometimes, the quality of your life is the data.


Also, completely understand you in terms of overcommitting in training. You hear about All The Things that you could stand to gain if you just did this one extra thing, and maybe it's true, but it never stays at being just one thing.


If you think it'll help your Taiji or your quality of life, it's probably worthwhile to try to add it in. If it doesn't, then don't, right?

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Ok, sorry for my absence...I'm basicly of track with everything. Besides my normal work, a deadline in my side project recently came up. This means a ton of work for this month. Been training Taiji 3x times this week. The regular 2x and met today for an extra 2 hours of pushhands and competition prep. Four of us will go to hamburg next sunday and take part in taiji tournament. (you can roughly imagine it as standup grappling / wrestling).


After this i will be in Berlin for week long workshop. Will train the second form (faster and more dynamic) and hang out in Berlin.


First Quest this week was 20 seconds of courage: Booked flights to Edinburgh, to take part in a nf meetup.

Second Quest was: Started to log my food. Basicly take pictures of everything i eat and drink. Not to compile it and draw a result from it after two weeks.


A "Bat Cafe Modification" from an earlier quest is showing a positive effect. At work i have now everything in place to make a decent tea. (At least for me). So i have a good alternative to the toxic sludge that is called coffee in my company. Had just two cups last week. But two cans of tea each day. (So maybe the water goal was reached).  Anyway, i feel way(!) better. The coffee was giving me stomache ache...


Next week is totally packed. But with some good things.

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