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I'm still here!  Still going.  Had about a week of being a bit bleugh.  Oops.  Made a classic mistake of not having chicken soup in the freezer.  I'm not sure if I then compounded not being great by eating some convenience food (still gf, but all a bit more processed than really works), or if it was always going to take me a week to recover...... or if I went from recovering straight into a bit of a virus.  Anyway.  Now doing much better again.


Have managed footcare and backcare most days.  Some bass practise (not helped by setting my calendar to october, so my sticker reward record is a bit messed up - DUH!).  New bass toy is glorious.  YAY!  Though the temptation is to use all of the effects through the effects loop, apparently there is a moderate middle ground?  Had about six days of not moving much, with one day of a lot of walking in the middle.  Yesterday got to my first yoga class of the semester with the usual glorious instructor - YAY, back to yoga as we know it!!!!  It was great.  I'm sore, but inspired.  Tonight I got to jujitsu - good fun.


Night night.  It feels good to be starting to recover from last week.

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12 hours ago, Kishi said:

I know what you mean about this kind of thing. Just as soon as I got the food right, something happens, and it's back to struggle again.


We'll get it.

Organisation helps massively!  I think I need to figure out an easier plan Z for when life goes a bit tits up and cooking feels like far too much effort.  It doesn't happen often anymore, and I've temporarily sorted this by baking some bread for my freezer, so that is very easy to just toast and throw something safe on top of, but having run out of my bread last week was bad.  Mind you, I was also bad enough to remember that eggs are very very easy to cook.


Just back from lunchtime yoga - most of the class was fabulous, a section of it was impossible!  Oops.  Weirdly it was only impossible on one side...... gives me ideas of things to work on.  Frustratingly I can't remember the name of the impossible bit, which sometimes helps with finding related poses that will help build up to the challenging bits.....


all good, feeling about 6 foot tall after yoga. YAY.

NF challenges: March 2018 , 12 , 11 , 10, 9876, 54321



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Uh-oh. You don't want to be bad on one side. That means you have an imbalance somewhere, and that's not optimal. Not even a little bit. Still, the solution is simple enough - work on your weak side and let it dictate how much work you do on your strong side to promote a balanced approach to development. It sucks in the short term, but in the long term it's worth it. Although, as I type this, it seems to me that you could simply work to maintain one side's capacities as you worked on building the other's. It's really up to you.

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